October 22, 2010

Yep. This is the printing machine that is printing my book….

And yes, i'm giggling like a small schoolgirl in this picture.  (no shame, no shame)

I toured the lovely Delta Printing Solutions today with Studhubs, and couldn't believe I was looking at the machinery that was about to print my child…er…I mean…my book.

As we walked through with the lovely Pat as our tour guide, we watched thousands of World of Warcraft books being printed, cut, glued, bound, and boxed.  Pretty sure my book won't have the same content as World of Warcraft….but I got a little silly as I watched the books fly along, ready to be shipped out all over the world and into the hands of…well….


My beautiful friends—to whom I've dedicated this book.  You're the reason I wrote it. You're the reason I've worked for over a year making sure it's, well, as perfect as I can make it.  The reason is:  You deserve the best.  

You've all been so faithful, so caring, so encouraging, and so amazing as I wrote my blog.  The least I could do was repay you with my best work.  And dear friends…it truly is my best work yet.

Pre-orders will commence VERY soon, making sure you guys can get your hands on it before Christmas (or ask for it as a stocking stuffer!)

Love you all…praying for you always…

xx, Sista Christa

ps.  Is a tree-hugger and a roll-of-paper-hugger the same thing??


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