The Woman’s Circle:

Give birth to yourself.

The Woman’s Circle sisterhood is calling you.

It’s a place to remember your goodness as a woman.
To unshackle your wild feminine nature.
To unveil the brilliance of your soul.
To explore the wilderness of your body.
To thrive in your holy sexuality.
To soften into your wisdom.
To unleash the Divine Feminine in your spirit.
And release healing and beauty into your world.
Rise up, sister. It’s time to birth the real you.

I feel like I am finally waking up and looking at myself in the mirror for the first time…and I LOVE what I see! Christa has helped me realize my own strength as a woman & what a gift everything is—especially painful things!


I’ve sat under years of teaching but NEVER anything that has changed the way I do life like Christa’s teaching! Her mentorship this past year has totally revolutionized my spiritual life & opened doors to fresh “out of the box” ways to fulfill my destiny on this journey of life!


Christa taught me to believe that I can not only be naked and unafraid, but naked and unashamed! My internal world is no longer a terrifying mystery. I now see it as a beautiful garden that I get to cultivate through Love to become the fully feminine woman I was created to be!



In our microwavable society, most of us give up when things don’t happen quickly. We abandon our diet, forget our New Year’s resolutions, and throw in the towel after one retreat didn’t take away our anxiety or depression.

But birthing a whole new life doesn’t happen overnight. And growing new life is anything but easy.

After months of preparation, stretching, sickness, lack of sleep, aches and swells; of labor pains, blood, contractions and expansions; your arms hold a living piece of heaven. Purest life that makes it all worth it. Life that makes you forget about the suffering you just experienced. Life that makes you want to do it all over again.

Ladies, it’s time to birth new life. And that new life is YOU.

The woman that’s in tune with her body, knowing it’s a divine instrument of intuition and wisdom.
The woman that’s returning to sacred devotional practices, honoring her union with the Spirit.
The woman that’s embracing her wild feminine nature, breaking the societal and religious chains that have kept her caged.
The woman that’s not afraid of darkness, knowing it teaches her how to trust.
The woman that’s in union with nature and the moon, gleaning the wisdom of growth, death, and rebirth it whispers to her soul.
The woman that’s alive in her holy sexuality, embracing the gift of her sexual body.
The woman that’s a healer, a warrior, a queen, a priestess, a seer, a medicine woman, and a midwife.

Are you ready join The Woman’s Circle and give birth to the real you?


The Woman Circle is an online gathering of women ready to give birth to their feminine wholeness.

Each month we will prepare for and grow new life through online teachings, meditations, sacred prayer, Q&A’s, community encouragement, and support.

Feminine wholeness doesn’t happen without addressing the whole being. Each month we will nurture four major components of our being in preparation for new life:

The Spiritual woman
The Emotional woman
The Mental woman
The Physical woman


In our modern culture, we’ve travelled far from our matriarchal ancestors who gathered regularly as women of all ages. They lived in constant community, passing down feminine wisdom, tracking menstrual cycles and childbirth with the phases of the earth and moon, and teaching ancient wisdom about our feminine bodies and how they express the beauty of God.

Now more than ever, women feel isolated, alone, inadequate, and exhausted. We feel pressure to look like a Pinterest ad, work jobs like a man while maintaining domestic goddess status, deal with our sadness all alone, raise children without community, or tackle the loneliness of single life with one weekend service, a random girls night out, and a possible visit to the shrink.

We must wake up. And ladies, we must wake up while holding each other. It’s time to repair the ancient woman’s circle, gathering to wrap around each other in feminine love, community, and wisdom.

Every woman I know needs a circle of support as she births new life.


Christa has taught me how to drop into my heart and tenderly love everything in there. I’m now living life from a loving space instead of just going thru the motions in my head! Because of the practices and self-love she teaches, I truly love my body as I am for the first time in my life! I am forever grateful!


Being mentored by Christa has dramatically changed my life. She has taught me how to love and heal my life using the power I already had within my heart. I can’t even begin to list the all the ways my life has changed since beginning my time with her teaching!


Christa taught me to use the light of God to go into the “dark” places inside of me and finally heal. Her work has been monumental to find healing from abuse, self-hatred, unforgiveness, and shame. Accepting myself in all of my shame has revolutionized my life!





If you’ve taken any of my past courses or used my material, you know that I give you far more content than you paid for. Thousands upon thousands of dollars more content than you paid for. I have spent over a hundred thousand dollars on education, freedom tools, conferences, and trainings, learning how to embrace and reveal my true feminine essence on the earth.

I know most women don’t have large amounts of cash lying around to invest in their liberation. But you deserve to live free.

My heart is to resource every women I meet–from the student to the single mom to the widower–with tools she can use to transform her life and build community. For far less than one counseling session or a fraction of the cost of a retreat, each month you will receive:

+ 1 weekly teaching video (4 videos)
+ 1 weekly meditation practice for feminine embodiment (4 meditations)
+ 1 bimonthly written assignment for contemplation and healing (2 assignments)
+ 1 bimonthly sacred prayer circles (2 prayer circles)
+ Community interaction, friendship, and support
+ 1 monthly live Q&A
+ 1 monthly live Master Class
+ Guest speakers, book recommendations, and online resources


Including, but certainly not limited to:
+ Loving your body as a sacred temple
+ The moon and your cycles
+ The cyclical nature of a woman
+ Feminine intuition and knowing
+ Your wild feminine nature
+ The brilliance and resilience of the feminine soul
+ The Divine Feminine nature of God
+ Emotional energy and the female body
+ Sacred sexuality
+ The pleasures of womanhood
+ Finding your community and tribe
+ Trauma healing and womb clearing
+ Mysticism, the Medicine Woman, and the Seer
+ And more!


Most of us tend to ‘abort’ new life the moment things get hard or uncomfortable, which is truly why I want you to commit to the entire process. It’s also why nothing ever really changes since we usually bail before lasting transformation takes place. However, if this group is not a fit for you for any reason, that’s just fine! You are welcome to cancel your monthly subscription any time. Just give us 2 weeks notice and my team will make sure you’re not charged for the upcoming month!

If you’re wondering if The Woman’s Circle is a fit to help birth a new you, give it a try and see!

***We do not offer refunds if you pay the 1x fee due to the discount offered in this plan.


That’s a good question, because it changes daily.

Today as I write this….
I’m a wife to my best friend and lover, Luke…..
A mama of 3 littles on earth, Moses, Birdie, and Loxley, and one in heaven, little Goldie….
I live in devotion to God and the call I feel to set captives free and heal those who are suffering….
I’m an avid reader and constant student of life, spirituality, God, and pain…..
I’m a bit of a fireball mama bear, fighting for those enslaved in trauma while keeping my heart soft to the oppressors….
I’m extremely intense and find meaning and purpose in everything, especially things that are difficult…..
I’m a healer, knowing I’m created to unlock the hearts and bodies of women to experience the Spirit….
I’m an author, songwriter, musician, and constant creative…..
I’m addicted to baths, candles, and burning things that I need to let go of….
And I live to rise from the ashes of my pain and shine bright for a world in need, showing a path to freedom and life.

Do I need to be on Facebook to join The Woman Circle?

Yes! I had many women in my last online coaching program who weren’t on Facebook. They set up an extra email and created a Facebook account solely for the purpose of accessing content, and not interacting beyond that. The content will be hosted on a separate site to access for archives, however, the community aspect of the Facebook group will be invaluable to support you as you stretch and grow!

I’m nervous. Am I going to be out of my comfort zone?

Yep! And if you’ve ever been physically pregnant before, you know this to be true! I know we never change unless challenged beyond our status quo. I might ask you to do something that will stretch you, but it’s only to help you move from a place of bondage to an oasis of freedom. And you never have to participate if you don’t feel comfortable! No pressure!

Will I have personal access to Christa?

Yes! She jumps in weekly to comment online, providing resources, encouragement, and support on your journey! Plus, the live Q&A’s every month are always available to ask specific questions and get some directional answers!