June 3, 2014

Behind The Song: Unstoppable Love That Never Ends

When Kim Walker-Smith from Jesus Culture wants to write a song with you, you shamelessly freak out a little bit.

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That day, years ago, when we both signed onto Skype to write a song for the first time, and after that one song turned into five in just a matter of hours, I guess one could agree that we worked well together.   Maybe it was because we were both great writers, or maybe it went way deeper than that.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.35.09 PMMaybe it was because we were destined to be the best of friends.

I remember the first time she played me a song that her and her hubby Skyler were working on called Unstoppable Love.  The lyrics they had shook me down to the core—feeling the loving hands of Father reaching deep into my heart as she sang.  (Well, Kim could sing the phone book and I think we'd all get saved—but you know what I mean).   Most worship songs are about our love for God, but rarely do we devote a song to His love for us.  The song didn't have a bridge yet, and I remember being so inspired by the masterpiece they'd already written, that one came bubbling up from deep inside my heart.

I had no idea that years later, those very lyrics and that very song would be arms that would wrap around me in my darkest hour.


When Kim got the message on March 5 that Luca Gold had died in our arms, she was the mother of a newborn, running a label, her and Skyler had just made a major move to a different city, as well as still leading worship all over the world.  But even juggling more in one day than many do in an decade, she dropped it all and within hours, her and Skyler were on a plane heading our way.

We sat in my parents living room with tear-stained faces and puffy eyes, crying and laughing, talking and simply being quiet.  They bought one-way tickets….committing to be with us as long as it took.  They put aside legitimate responsibilities that warranted immediate attention….putting everyone on hold who needed them because we needed them.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.28.00 PMAnd as we gathered to celebrate and mourn the short but powerful life of my little Goldie, they worshipped.  They sang.  And they brought heaven crashing to earth in honor of my baby girl.

For the past month since Kim gifted me with a pre-release of Unstoppable Love, released yesterday on iTunes, her voice has wrapped around my heart every day, bringing life, bringing hope, bringing healing.  She releases something that's unending, that's powerful—that's supernatural.  And the voice that you hear is simply an extension of the heart that I've been privileged to experience.

I'm honored to have helped write a song that's changing my own life—but I'm more honored that the girl singing it is a friend who's changed my life forever.

Thank you for loving me, Kim Walker-Smith.  You truly have unstoppable love that never ends.


No sin, no shame, no past, no pain

Can separate me from your love

No height, no depth, no fear, no death

Can separate me from your love




7 Responses to “Behind The Song: Unstoppable Love That Never Ends”

  1. Candy Gilbert

    I love that you wrote the story of the song. I loved watching you and Kim together. It’s so apparent that you are close and dear friends. I’ll never forget sitting in that room off the atrium with Moses while she sang in the other room. It was so beautiful. She is truly an inspiring and incredible person. When she told me they had purchased one-way tickets within 30 minutes of hearing about Goldie I was so blown away. She and Skyler are more than friends to you and Luke. They are what we like to call “family of choice”. We all need them.

  2. Wanda Abney

    This story is beautiful and shows not only the power of friendship but the love and power of God and how he places such wonderful people in our lives. Christa you are blessed to have such wonderful friends who love and care for you and your family so deeply. I hope to have people in my life like that someday. And this song…..OMGoodness! I am speechless. This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time. Just touching. I am listening to this song in my work cubicle and am completely bawling my eyes out. It’s amazing how God places people and situations in your life exactly when you need them. God Bless you!!!!

  3. Faith

    Sharing your journey reveals the vulnerable heart of God. Jesus publically shared His grief and His sorrows on several occasions. I can only imagine how powerfully this must have impacted those who saw His tears and watched the pain come across His face. Thank you for being Jesus in this way to so many. I rejoice with you over the friends that Papa has placed within your life. They are treasures. This song? Well, it will unbind – uplift – and restore the brokenhearted for many years to come, just as it is has become apart of your healing

  4. Helen Anderson

    I heard this song a few months ago after downloading the album Home by Kim and skyler and it really effected me, someone who finds it hard to except the full extent of God’s love for me even though I am far from perfect and still struggle with pains in my life but the above lyrics really stood out to me like an anthem. Almost if I shouted those words out I was changing my whole mindset and just letting God love me in that moment without me thinking whether Ideserved it or not. Thank you for helping to write such a beautiful song and such powerful words. And I know this may sound silly coming from a completely stranger but thank you for sharing your life so honestly. Your book God Loves Ugly helped me a lot, knowing I wasn’t alone and I know your journey now although tough is helping so many now. x

  5. Madeline

    And yet without knowing this back story, the bridge has been evidently powerful–the most heavily anointed part of the song for me. WOW. I am continually speechless at God’s faithful intentionality. Bless!

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