June 10, 2014

There Will Be BLOOM After The Rain

So much death around me.


It feels like weekly, there's another baby, another father, another friend, another miscarriage.  There's something going on this year—something stranger than normal.  It seems like everywhere I turn, death has come with heavy hands to choke out life that needs to bloom.

On Sunday I woke up to learn that my dear friend Tiffany Thurston had lost her father unexpectedly to a heart attack.  He was young and alive, and the times I met him, I was carried away by the joy in his eyes and smile.  What a robbery.  What a tragedy—and just two weeks before her Bloom Conference in Hawaii where I'm speaking with Anjelah Johnson next weekend.

I'm angry—angrier than normal.   And you better believe the three of us on that stage are going to release something that shakes hell and releases heaven on that island.  There's a sound about to come out of that place that can't be replicated, can't be faked.  And can't be stopped.


It's the sound of children in love with their King, continuing to worship in the face of death.

It's the sound that breaks depression.

It's the sound that breaks addiction.

It's the sound that heals the broken heart.

It's the sound that releases heaven to earth.


I know it's short notice to get tickets to Hawaii, but if you can come to BLOOM this year, you won't regret it.  Please be praying for Tiffany and her family as they walk through this fire.   And remember, when the storms of death come to take us out, life will always BLOOM again after the rain.

Register HERE to get your BLOOM on.




5 Responses to “There Will Be BLOOM After The Rain”

  1. Kim Mills

    This morning as the shock of a couple of days ago settles, I too am waking up angry and ready to fight. We are friends of Tiff’s and have been praying your family through the loss of Goldie. One of the first thoughts I had after I heard about Charlie was, “Bloom? What about Bloom?” Tiffany’s heart beats for the girls of Hawaii and she has poured herself out. I’ve already been praying for strength for you to speak when your heart has been broken. And now Tiffany… I think you both probably saw this event going differently in your mind. You with a sweet baby girl, and Tiff with her dad cheering her on. The enemy thinks he’s got this. His view is so temporal and so short-sighted. They are both cheering you on and can’t wait to see the sucker punch that you will deliver to the enemy at that event as girls surrender it all to Jesus and are set free. I’m doubling up my prayer for Bloom and protection over the team. God is obviously up to something big and the enemy is shaking in his boots. Gloves are on for you ladies! Much love!

    • Christa Black

      You are an answer to my prayers, Kim! I’ve been contacting and believing for more intercessors! Keep praying! God is going to release something that cannot be stopped!!!!! xoxo

  2. That’s exactly what I was thinking not too long ago. I lost my dad in March, a colleague lost her husband a couple of weeks later, another colleague lost her Dad on Easter Sunday, a co worker lost her brother last month. All unexpected. On top of my cousin’s miscarriage and her dad’s heart attack. (He survived, praise Jesus) but I’ve been asking the Lord for clarity on this because I am pretty puzzled by this season! Regardless, He is a sovereign and worthy God and we will fight back against anything the enemy tries to distract with. So blessed by this blog and your songs! I’ve been moved by your story and perseverance and humbled beyond belief. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Emily L.

    I agree with what you’ve written too… every time I tell someone about
    losing our daughter, Eliana, it seems I hear another story of someone
    who has lost a child in the past year or a niece or a father too young.
    It seems that the enemy is afraid of a generation learning to live for
    legacy and leave the mark of the Father in the earth.

    I sooo wish I could be in Hawaii this weekend with you 3 ladies! I’ll be praying from Toronto that the Kingdom takes a huge chunk of ground… not only there but that all those who attend will carry it back home with them!

    Have fun!

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