March 6, 2016

The ‘Head to Heart’ Podcast: Life After The Death of Goldie

It's been two years since we buried our baby girl, Luca Gold.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 2.37.05 PMAnd yesterday, on her second birthday, our family genuinely celebrated her little life with laughter, singing, dancing….blowing out candles and sending two gold balloons into the heavens.  I never imagined that after that kind of tragedy, my heart would be catapulted into the best version of itself….

The version of my heart that that isn't afraid of the future.

A heart that has truly released any baggage of shame and regret.

A heart that has learned to live in each moment.

A heart that isn't heavy, but instead, light with life and joy.

And most of all, a hear that is SO getting connected to itself, it's learned to live connected to the God who lives inside.


For those of you who want a life like this….a life where your heart has learned how to heal and be whole….well then, you just hit the jackpot.  Because my life-coaching Studhub Lucas and I started our first podcast yesterday on Goldie's second birthday called ‘Head to Heart.'  And for those of you brave enough to unzip your heart and take a look inside, letting the light of heaven shine in and make everything new…..

Then take a listen, subscribe so you won't miss future episodes, and if you love me (which I know you do), then leave us a great review.  (:  And most of all, if you know someone who feels stuck after trauma—possibly from losing a child like us, losing a loved one, or just coping with the loss of dreams, friends….any kind of loss.  Pass this on their way.  I know I would have LOVED something that clearly outlined a path to healing when I felt like I was hacking away in the darkness after Goldie passed away.

Life doesn't have to be lived lugging around a crippled heart, traumatized by past pain.  There's a Healer living on the inside of you.  And we want to help you get your heart into His hands.




Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.21.54 PMAnd don't forget to pre-order your copy of my next book, Heart Made Whole, which goes into GREAT detail how to take your unhealed pain and make it the starting point of your greatest breakthrough!


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“I had planned to end my life, but chose to give it one last shot and signed up for the Master Heart Course. I finally found what I was looking for. My life has changed in ways I could never could put into words, being healed far beyond what I could imagine. I have a long way to go, but this course literally saved my life..”