February 2, 2015

The Greatest Sound In The World: LIFE

I was 99% certain that when my doctor did her ultrasound today, we were going to hear the heartbeat of my baby.

But the 20 seconds leading up to the confirmation, you better believe that 1% kicked in, racing my heartbeat as fast as a galloping horse.

It wasn't exactly fear that crept in, but more like a looming question mark that threatened to explode my body.  Other explosions, however, were warmly welcomed when my doctor softly said, “Look, I can see the heart beating.”

“You do?” I asked, voice shaking.

And as I saw the little swirl of blood pumping through my little lime-sized baby, peace fell upon my body like a tidal wave onto the shore.

There appeared to be a tear in my placenta, pointed out on the ultrasound by my doctor.  But since I've all but stopped bleeding, she didn't seem to think it was a big deal anymore, so it must not be a big deal anymore.  (WAVES ARMS WILDLY AND DANCES INTERNALLY).  But man, that ‘no big deal' sure wasn't fun this weekend, especially when it resembled a crime scene.  I'm on orders to rest, lots and lots of rest, to listen to my body, and if I start bleeding again, park it vertically for a bit.  (Thank you Netflix for making this bearable).


Thanks for all of your beautiful outpouring of love, prayers, messages, testimonies, and confirmations of faith.  I hadn't planned on saying anything but I must say, I sure am glad I did.


Love you all, and remember…..always expect miracles.  (:



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16 Responses to “The Greatest Sound In The World: LIFE”

  1. Find rest, sweet soul….in Christ alone!
    Know his power…in quietness and trust!
    When the oceans rise and thunders roar
    You will soar with Him above the storm
    Father you are King over the flood
    You will be still, know He is God

  2. Praise God! Exactly I was waiting to hear! I recently found out about you through Worship U and love your passion for Christ! It’s contagious. Thanking God for HIs protection over you and your family!

  3. I am so happy that the sound of LIFE inside your baby continues to beat through your whole body my friend!!!!! I declare that angels surround your womb and placenta continually and even on the day of your baby’s birth they announce the arrival by declaring the promises of God all throughout the life of that child!! Your forerunning strength to stand firm and determined to preach the Goodness of our Father explodes with LOVE in the Fathers heart and reveals what He is truly like to a broken world. I thank you for what you sacrifice and continue to do and I bless you all the days of your amazing life with your family!!!!!

  4. I am so relieved! I said a prayer for u! Then thanked God when I fou.d out u heard the babies heart beat! I can’t wait to know the sex of the baby!! :). Yes def listen to ur body it will tell u what u need! Luv ya girl I’m so so so glad!

  5. LeslieMiller33

    Christa, I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and was on a cruise recently and met your sweet friend Tiffany. She said you had announced you were expecting again and I was so thrilled for you! Then, last night I read your last blog and I felt so sick….but I knew prayers are powerful and God’s love surpasses everything <3 I was so happy to read this today!! I can only imagine how overjoyed you must be!! Thank you Jesus!!!! God bless you sweetie and your precious baby!! You will be in my prayers daily….and I can't wait to see your miracle in pictures after she or he is born!!

  6. holly collins

    christa I go to FGF church was not able to attend the conference.I did your book and workbook.when they told about you and the baby I’ve been praying. It was awesome to hear the heart beat thinks for sharing your miracle with us

  7. Mary Smith

    Christa, my husband and I were so blessed to get to see you in Abilene at your parents’ church when you were there ministering with Graham. I read of the devastation of your last pregnancy, but am elated to hear of this new little one. May God’s hand be upon you and your baby and may you carry your precious baby to full term with no medical alarms or exigencies. May you both experience Kingdom health during your pregnancy and beyond. God bless you and your family.

  8. Jordan-Krista Smith

    This makes my heart SO HAPPY to read. After all you’ve been through – what a blessing and a miracle. Rest in the assurance God has got this baby in the palm of His hands and it is all going to be okay! Praying for you and rejoicing with you too.

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