August 24, 2014

The God Loves Ugly Study Guide GIVEAWAY

Friends.  I'm just so excited I just might tinkle my pants.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.21.38 PMOk, so maybe that's gross and I won't do that, but I'm so excited I could just spit!  Ok, wait….that's from Parent Trap and still nasty.  Let's just say, I'M SLIGHTLY EXCITED BECAUSE THE GOD LOVES UGLY & LOVE MAKES BEAUTIFUL STUDY GUIDE IS FINALLY FINISHED!!!

Years ago as a full-time musician who had just completed a world tour with The Jonas Brothers, I knew nothing about the book world.  All I knew is that the blog I had started on tour to help coach the hurting through the pain of life had been so successful, your emails kept pouring in every day asking me to write a book.  One of my favorite emails was from a girl who had printed out my blog and was so tired of carrying around a stack of loose leaf pages, she begged me to put something with a binding on it!  Because of those amazingly encouraging emails, the pages of my first book God Loves Ugly were birthed, and as a result, thousands upon thousands all over the world have walked into freedom from addictions, depression, eating disorders, cutting, insecurity, and self-hatred.


When I wrote God Loves Ugly in 2010, I didn’t just write it for Christians. I wrote it for anyone who had experienced a broken heart, which is basically everybody.  At the time, my audience had been a few million girls, giddily screaming at The Jonas Brothers who I just happened to be on stage with every night. And because I was within arms reach of their beloved Joe, Nick, and Kevin, thousands of those same girls (and a few brave fellows) followed my every move, and read every word I wrote. The last thing I wanted to do was to drive away the hurting because I wrote in a language they didn’t understand called ‘Christianese.’

I simply wanted to introduce them to this person who had what they were looking for—Love.

As time passed and I transitioned from a touring musician to an author and speaker, I realized very quickly how impossible it was for me to stand in front of a group of people and not gush about my Jesus. In fact, every time I opened my mouth, I didn’t just speak—I preached.  To this day, I can’t stop gushing about my Jesus. I can’t stop opening my mouth and screaming from the rooftops about this God who made His home inside my heart for the purpose of healing it, restoring it, and linking me to His eternal love through intimacy.

And more than anything, I want to provide resources for those broken by the pain of life to practically bring their hearts to a Healer, and learn to walk in the freedom Jesus made available to each of us.

I was an addict who found the reality that Jesus had set me free from addiction.

I was a people-pleaser who learned how to be so loved by Father, I'm learning how to love a world who needs to know He's real.

I was an insecure, jealous, nail-biting, perfectionist who now knows the peace of looking in the mirror and seeing beauty—even when things are far from perfection.

I was a worrier who has learned how to bring my anxiety into submission with a Peace that passes my understanding.

And more than a ANYTHING, I want to put tools in your hands that teach you to live this way, too.  You deserve it.  It's why Jesus came.

If you want to take a deeper dive into freedom, learning to swim in the waters of peace, looking in the mirror with adoration instead of disdain, and finding healing from the roots of all your destructive behaviors, I promise you.  This study guide will give you the tools that I have learned to use on a daily basis to walk into your Promised Land.

You can work through the book on your own, or if you have a hard time following through and finishing things, grab a group of friends and start a GLU GROUP (GodLovesUgly Group), meet once a week for 9 weeks, and go through the 45 day journey together.  I just received a stack of thank you cards from a GLU group this past week of girls who had gone on a retreat together and found freedom they never knew existed!  Nothing gets me more fired up than seeing people set free!


Share this link on Twitter or Facebook.  Instagram a picture of the study guide and ask your friends or church about starting a GLU Group.  Email me at and let me know why your group should win the giveaway challenge.  My team will be watching online in the next few days and choosing a winner next week for the God Loves Ugly Study Guide Giveaway:


Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.58.16 PMThe winner will receive:

-10 God Loves Ugly Study Guides

-10 sets of REM(MY) Cards

-A personal SKYPE call where I speak to your group


If you've read God Loves Ugly, it's time to pull it back out, friends.  This study guide is the deeper version, digging into the deep crevices of your heart, unlocking the chains of hurt, and allowing the healing balm of the presence of God to go bring you what you deserve…..

Freedom.  Peace.  Joy.  LIFE.


Preorders start next Monday, and the books will be ready to ship on September 27, 2014. Love you, my online Love Makes Beautiful friends.  Excited to go on this journey of deeper healing and freedom with you.









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