July 15, 2013

Take A Peek Into Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith’s HOME

Had the amazing privilege once again of collaborating as a songwriter with Kim Walker-Smith!  She joins forces with her amazing hubby Skyler, and their first album HOME hits stores and iTunes today, July 16th!

home-front-cover-01With Kim known as a world-wide worship leader for Jesus Culture with a very distinct sound, the married couple wanted to do something different for their first project together.  Bringing friends, musos, and recording equipment into their house in northern California, the duo set out to craft an album that sounded more organic, more relational….more like home.

And since I helped write on the project, we've had access this record for a while, and I'm not even close to wearing it out–nor will I ever be.  The freshness, authenticity, and softer, more intimate, yet creative side of worship has captivated my ears and heart over and over again, putting this album in the ‘forever' category.

Their voices blend together like a harmony from heaven.  RUN, don't walk to pick up this record.

You can thank me later.  (:

(And I might have helped to write Unstoppable Love, but when it gets to the bridge, my goodness.  I get saved again every time.  Also collaborated with Kim on Home and Face To Face).

[youtube width=”657″ height=”369″][/youtube]





2 Responses to “Take A Peek Into Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith’s HOME”

  1. I downloaded this on Monday night as it was already Tuesday everywhere else. I was in the middle of a really tough night and when I got to Unstoppable Love, I broke. It was exactly what I needed in that moment and it’s been on repeat ever since!

  2. Carrie Crawford

    The first line of “Unstoppable Love” is absolutely mind-blowing. “Try to stop Your love and You would wage a war.” I just can’t even get my head all the way around it yet how totally incredible that is! Brilliant writing on the whole album, but that song is by far my favorite!

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