September 3, 2012

Needing new group material? Well then, look no further….

Whelp…tomorrow is the day God Loves Ugly will be available wherever books are sold!  

When we self-published the first edition, so many of you went through the book with groups, friends, sororities, and book clubs.  Because there was so much success in this group model, my publishing company is offering ‘Bulk Order Promotion,' available tomorrow for a limited time.  This is perfect for your womens ministry, youth group, cheerleading squad–anyone you know who wants to learn how to be loved into wholeness, and wants to go there TOGETHER.

One of the things we're offering is a Discussion Guide to help your group work through each chapter.  If you lead a group and are looking for new material, here's a bit of what that will look like:



“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17

 Freedom always costs something.  The problem is, there are many who want it to be free.

 When the Israelites crossed the threshold of the Promise Land, they didn’t march in from the wilderness and politely ask the giants to leave.  They took out their swords and prepared for battle.  In order to occupy and live in their inheritance of freedom, they had to go to war.

 You have an inheritance of freedom.  The question is, are you willing to fight for it?

 Most people are already at war even if they don’t know it—war for peace, wholeness and truth.  But many stay on the defense, attempting to dodge disaster and survive past pain instead of charging forward and taking back what’s been stolen.  The problem is, you never learn to advance. 

 And, dear friend, you were created to advance from glory to glory.

As strong and amazing as I’m sure you are on your own, you can’t take on armies of giants by yourself.  There’s a reason why God created us for relationship.  We need one another.  You need the person sitting beside you just as much as they need you.  You need their wisdom and they need your experience.  You need their strength and they need your vulnerability.

Lock arms and commit to taking on the giants inside your hearts together.  Accountability is powerful.  Encouragement is necessary.  And love is essential.

When armies arise together in unity, watch out world.  Change, hope, deliverance, freedom, and abundant life are inevitable.




1)    Read War for Peace (xx) and August 1999 (page 1) aloud.

 2)    Begin with a prayer, asking God to safely cover hearts as they begin to open up and heal.  Declare Psalm 91 over your time.  “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”  That He will “cover you with His feathers, and under His wings will you find refuge.”

3)    Discussion Questions:

 After reading War for Peace, have there been things that you’ve tried in the past that didn’t work before—maybe a book, seminar, conference, counseling, or group study?  Is there any fear that this won’t work and that nothing will change?  If so, are you battling disappointment?

 -For those of you who answered yes, discuss John 8:36.  “If the Son has set you free, you are free indeed.”  According to that verse, what would freedom look like in your own life?  Have you set your expectations for freedom on your experience, or on what God has said?

 -Bondage can take on many forms.   Fear, anxiety, self-hatred, bitterness, people pleasing, and insecurity are bondage for the human soul just as much as eating disorders, addictions, sexual disfunction, and cutting are to the body.  Is there anything that you’ve lived with for so long, you truly believe that you can never change?

 -Take a minute or two to write down the things about your lives you want to change, but believe never will.  Hang onto this list and put it somewhere safe until the end of week 10.   

 -For those willing to share their answers with the group, write down a group sheet titled ‘We Believe God Can.’ Bring this list every week and read it aloud at the beginning of group.

 4)    Close with a prayer, declaring that God will fulfill His promise of freedom for every heart.

 5)    Have Chapter 1 and the Your Turn assignments completed by the next time you meet.  (Pages 5-24)


Check back tomorrow for details on how to get the Group Discussion Guide!

And remember to head to Barnes & Noble, Mardel, & local bookstores to pick up your copy of God Loves Ugly!  (Shameless, overly excited promotion, said in my best cheesy, radio-announcer voice).  (:

XX, Christa



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