May 7, 2013

Natalie Grant talks to Christa Black about her Unconditional Moment



Do you have an Unconditional Moment?  The moment where you knew that God loved you, even in the midst of your ugly?

In Hebrews 13:5, God promises “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.”  Natalie shared her moment where God proved that He'd never left her or forsaken her, and that promise is absolutely true.  He's never left you in the midst of your sin, your brokenness, your abuse, your addiction, your depression.  Never.  There's such power when we look back and recognize God's fingerprints on our lives, remembering His faithfulness and His love!

Take a minute to remember one of your Unconditional Moments.  Can you share it with us?


2 Responses to “Natalie Grant talks to Christa Black about her Unconditional Moment”

  1. L-Rose

    Last summer I was finally completely freed from my past and I truly felt God’s unconditional love. I had been sexually abused on and off for about six years straight as a child and it had affected my confidence, left me scared out of my mind and got me into some very bad habits. It has been a few years since that has happened but during that summer God showed me his love and freed me from hatred, jealousy, inappropriate thoughts, low self confidence and more through a two-three hour long talk with Him and some amazing mentors. Just like Natalie said, we sometimes do fall back, but He will never have us nor forsake us. I actually got to see you this year at the Revolve Tour and your story touched my heart because you had that happen to you too at a young age, and you’ve been an inspiration for me to keep going and trying to live my life with Jesus always on my side and start to fulfill my call as a minister as a teen.Thank you for that.

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