When Luke and I got married we had no idea what we were getting into.

We were completely unprepared, believing marriage to be a lifelong walk through the park with a best friend—instead of the reality of a beautiful refining fire to help us both heal, thrive, and learn how to love.

Over the years we’ve picked up tools and skills we wish we’d had long ago—skills that can be developed and practiced at any point to revive, strengthen, and ignite sexual passion and lasting trust in your relationship.

In this 3-day immersive training, participants not only learn conceptually, but also develop hands-on practices to move the practice of love into the body for relational transformation.

Learn the skill of deep heart connection through The MasterHeart Method, practices to cultivate intimacy and attraction, the power of embodiment through movement and meditation, and the need for sexual polarity to turn on passion.

WOMEN, learn to:

…open your feminine body through your heart.

….communicate your deepest desires in a way that inspires your husband to respond.

…find pleasure and life in your body that magnetically pulls your man towards you.

….create the art of sexual polarity in any moment.

…develop the skill of giving your heart authentically, even if you’re hurting, sad, angry, or frustrated.

…love yourself as a sexual female, embracing your female body.

MEN, learn to:

…create a strong container through meditation and breath work.

…move from your head into your heart, connecting to your wife through the heart.

…lead yourself and your relationship from a grounded place of inner integrity and authority.

…become a more trusted lover and spouse.

…take your sex life to a deep level by practicing sexual polarity and masculine leadership.

…embrace the strength of masculine support.

In one weekend, walk away with embodied practices and hands-on experiences that help train your nervous system to connect with one other instead of protect from one another.

Whether you need to press reset in your current marriage or you’re just getting started, this experience will help bring clarity, vitality, healing, purpose, sexual passion, and deeper connection and intimacy!

My husband and I came to the intensive as roommates but we left as lovers and best friends. Luke and Christa not only gave us practical skills, but gave us time to practice these skills. I’d call this seminar “the things the preacher never told you about marriage!”

I came home with a brand-new marriage—something I would have never dreamed was possible. Our marriage is forever changed because we as individuals are forever changed. Who would have guessed that just 2 days of “practicing love” could rewrite our entire existence?!

My husband and I came to this Marriage Intensive with a marriage in the best place we’ve ever been in our 25 years… and yet, this Intensive did more than we could have imagined! There is always MORE… even if you are not in crisis. Even if you are good, and just want to be better!

My wife and I have been to many marriage conferences, but none as unique as the Masterheart. It has been so incredibly valuable to receive the tools to connect to my heart and body and understand my innate masculinity and femininity.

If you’re tired of status-quo, mediocrity or failed attempts to fix your relationship, the marriage intensive will open your eyes to a better way of living in the deepest love possible; in connection with God, yourself and one another. The growth, freedom and healing we experienced this weekend has changed our marriage and our lives forever!

My wife and I have been in church all our lives and in leadership our entire adult lives up until a year ago. It was so refreshing not to have to hear how “this is true because this scripture backs it up.” Each new thing they taught me felt like it was an old truth I was hearing for the first time.



Always passionate about their own personal healing and growth, Luke and Christa Gifford have never fit inside conventional boxes. They’ve always been avid students of their own pain, breaking free from religious and societal restraints to forge paths of freedom in seemingly unconventional ways–but ways that produce results.

Reaching millions around the globe with their books, teachings, podcast, retreats, and videos, Luke and Christa have committed their lives to live out their calling as wounded healers, providing powerful resources to help heal marriages, hearts, relationships, bodies, and families. If something isn’t working to bring life, they’re never satisfied–always learning to find better ways to experience freedom and wholeness personally, then teaching others to do the same.

Luke’s dedication to masculine wholeness has helped men around the globe, personally coaching men of all ages and backgrounds back into their hearts and bodies through masculine devotion, meditation, somatic learning, and inner healing.  His own path of childhood trauma helped him develop The Masterheart Method, a series of practices for soul integration and emotional healing.

In the last decade, Christa has shifted her focus towards feminine wholeness, leading groups of women around the world to embody their femininity and sexuality. She uses movement, practices, meditations, soul integration, and spirituality to help women come home to themselves, flourishing sexually, emotionally, relationally, and physically.

Luke & Christa are certified in Intimacy and Attraction with Michaela Boehm and Christa is certified in Non-Linear Movement.

Their passion to restore marriages is very personal, feeling helpless for many years in their own marriage, unable to help it thrive.  After prioritizing their own healing and the healing of their relationship, Luke and Christa now feel like they won the marriage lottery, gaining the tools to live out a relationship that brings life, intimacy, is full of attraction, growth, and deepest love.

Luke & Christa are fire-starters and their creative, integrative and collaborative approach to intimacy, connection and communication in marriage will accelerate transformation for any couple willing to do the hard work.

My life and my marriage have been forever changed by Luke & Christa’s marriage intensive. Places in my heart have been healed that I thought would NEVER be healed. It was more than worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.

This intensive showed me practical steps for establishing a safe and trusting environment for my wife, kids and anyone I interact with. Being able to take control of how I respond in love is much more freeing than “reacting” to the situations around me.



WHAT does tuition include?

Retreat tuition provides full access to all weekend material but does not include meals, lodging, and transportation.


Friday: 6-10pm.
Saturday: 10-10pm
Sunday: 10-2pm

Cancellation policy:

If for any reason you need to cancel before the event, we do not issue refunds because of the large amount of interest in our events.  However if an emergency does come up, please contact us as soon as possible and we can transfer your tuition to another event, usable for the next calendar year.  Any cancellations 10 days prior to the event will forfeit full tuition. Thanks for your understanding.

Closest airport:

Closest airport is Nashville, TN, or BNA.


907 Gleaves Street
Nashville, TN 37203

Several hotels in walking distance of the event center. Email us for discount codes!