March 17, 2017

Speak Out Picture

“Speak out on behalf of the VOICELESS and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.” Proverbs 31:8 ❤ Still trying to process the luncheon I went to yesterday for @unite4tnkids, educating us on how many orphans are in the state, how many group homes, what those group homes are really like and how we can get involved and help. If you're anything like me, you sob uncontrollably when you see their faces, hearing their little voices asking desperately to be included in what you take for granted over and over….a family. ???? A drug addict can choose to go get help. A person in an abusive relationship can choose to walk away (I know that's not a b&w issue, I'm just alluding to choice). But these kids literally cannot choose to have what most of us have….to have a home. When they grow up and leave their group homes, where do they spend holidays for the rest of their lives? Where do they go when they're on leave from the army, or when they get vacation time from their jobs? I held in ugly cries as the videos played, knowing with two babies I'm not in the season where we could foster, but wanting to do SOMETHING. What I loved about his luncheon was that we got practical ways to help NOW. There was an org called CASA who were court appointed individuals that helped judges understand what children can't say for themselves. They needed practical things, like size 4 diapers, and 2 car seats, tooth brushes for kids taken from drug homes in the middle of the night, and strong arms and trucks to transport bunk beds as the kids get foster homes. I left overwhelmed with feelings, but with practical things in my hands that our family can do. Please visit to see videos and pictures of these kids, seeing their actual faces and hearing their voices. (Put the website in my profile). Get the reality of their existence in front of your eyes and into your heart….because if you are breathing, you can do something. And it's up to us, friends. These kids are not someone else's kids. They are OUR kids as human beings. Let's open our arms, hearts, wallets and homes to them. ❤❤ #fostercare #fostertoadopt@unite4tnkids #instablog

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