March 2, 2017

Paul Young

Tomorrow, an adaption of this man's book, The Shack, releases into the world on the silver screen, and I just want to say a few words amongst the controversy. ❤ Today I began to see Christians begin to attack the message, art, and story from a man that I LOVE with all my heart….a man who has shown me more Jesus than almost anyone on planet earth, and because of my relationship with Paul, my blood began to boil. ????????I am completely biased. Completely. Paul Young and his family have loved us in ways that Christians preach, but many never walk out. Because of this man, my husband can SEE. That's right….@lucasgifford is not permanently BLIND because of this man and because of The Shack. (Told you I was biased) ☺. With the money that Paul and his family made from the unexpected explosion of his book, they paid for an crazy expensive eye surgery that we couldn't afford, a surgery that reversed my husband's degenerative cornea disease (that would have left him completely blind at 30), and restored his sight. ????❤???????? But bigger than physical blindness…I have talked to person after person say that The Shack opened the eyes of their heart to experience a relationship with the Trinity….changing the course of their life, revealing a God that is CLOSE and FORGIVING and KIND in the midst of unfathomable pain. What are we really afraid of as this movie releases into the world? That people will think God is more forgiving than we've made Him out to be? That He can bring incredible goodness out of unfathomable evil? Like I said, I'm biased because of relationship. I'm biased because of experience. I'm biased because he is family. I have experienced the kind of kindness, friendship and unconditional love from Paul that I haven't seen from a lot of the leaders who are speaking out right now about his book. Let me just say this….if you are watching CSI or Iron Man, watching people get blown to bits or tortured or chopped up….if you are watching Hunted or The Bachelor or Star Wars…..I don't think The Shack is going to hurt you or ruin your faith. It might just help you heal. ❤ #letthecommentsbegin

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