June 12, 2017

Mom. What Does God Look Like?

Yesterday, Moses stared out the window and asked me, “Mom, what does God look like.” ???? I looked quickly in my rear view mirror, catching a glimpse of my green eyes before answering. ????Inside of my eyes, I saw my nurturing mama heart, my deep loyalty to truth, my wildfire love. I caught a glimpse of a woman who was faithful, caring, and passionate…a woman created to birth life, to fight for the oppressed, to hold the broken-hearted as they weep. ???????? “Well, buddy,” I said over my shoulder. “God looks like me.” ❤️ Moses looked confused. “And He looks like you,” I said. “And He looks like that homeless couple we just passed begging for food. He looks like the kid you don't like at school, and he looks the girl you have a crush on.” ☺️ A few years back I was standing in a church, surrounded by people with hands reaching to the heavens, singing in unison how they were desperate to see the face of God. Something in my heart felt off, so I went within and began listening to the Spirit of truth. ???? “You want to see my face, Christa?” I heard the voice say. “Then open your eyes and look at the person next to you.” ????????This began an internal transformation that has changed my life. Now, I see the fingerprints of God in my Barista, my children, even the accusers that hurl their stones at me. I look for God in the face of a child abuser, in the faces of politicians I disagree with, in the faces of atheists. I have stopped looking for what separates me from others…I have stopped closing my eyes and begging to see a God who has clearly placed His image and likeness in every person I encounter, including ME. ALL are made in the image and likeness of God, so to see God today, I can open my eyes and truly SEE MYSELF, to SEE my neighbor…to see the colors, accents, languages, and creativity of the Trinity. When I look for God in the eyes of those who have forgotten they are loved…maybe never being told, I see PAST the externals straight to the ❤️. Whatever you are looking for, you will find, friend. If you want to see evil, you will. If you want to see goodness, you will. I CHOOSE to see God every day, in every person I encounter. And from what I see today, God is breathtaking. ☺️ #instablog

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