May 14, 2017


Today on Mother's Day, I'm grateful that my hair is falling out in massive clumps for the 4th time. ????????????‍♀️ Let me explain before you gag. Each time this happened after I gave birth, I dreaded every wad full of hair as it fell in droves, petrified it wouldn't stop until my scalp had gone bald. The anxiety and insecurity I had over this very natural part of having babies was enough to ruin my days, and I'd carry that fear and insecurity into my parenting, my job, my relationships, my everything. ???? So this 4th go around, as the natural shedding of my hair will continue for a while after giving birth to Loxley, I use every clump of hair to get in my heart and CHOOSE GRATITUDE. ❤Because every pile of hair means the most glorious thing….it means I am a mom. Just like every stretch mark made me a mom. And every wrinkle under my eyes from puffy sleepless nights made me a mom. As Loxley started talking to me from her bassinet this morning FAR too early, and when the frustration and resistance wanted to kick in and take root to pollute a situation that I couldn't change, I switched my “oh man, you're not letting me sleep in on Mother's Day?” to “Oh man, I don't get to sleep in on Mother's Day, BECAUSE I'M A MOM!!” ❤???????? Only takes a split second to see the situation from a truer, more fulfilling angle. And that angle, or mountains of shedding hair, can truly bring hope, life and peace to every situation. Happy Mother's Day to a world of powerful women today, including the moms who, like me, will be powerfully sporting a new-growth Mohawk down my part line in about 5 months. ☺????????????#happyMothersDay#thegreatbabyHAIRshed #GRATEFUL#instablog

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