May 14, 2017


There are 7000 kids in foster care in the state of TN alone, & before you read on, I want you to actually imagine 7000 living, breathing faces who do not have families, with many of those little faces sleeping on couches in state offices because there aren't enough foster homes. ????Almost 400 of those kids are up for permanent adoption and cannot be returned to their birth parents for many horrible reasons. FACT: There are also 10,000 CHURCHES in the state of TN, and 7000 kids, and the state estimates that 5% of these churches will help. ???? ????????‍♀️FACT: I CANNOT HANDLE THAT LAST FACT AND IT MAKES ME CRY AND WANT TO PUNCH SOMETHING. ????????BETTER FACT: I BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART THAT WE CAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!!! ????Today at @cotceastnash , we listened to a foster mom and a girl who works for the system, telling us the harsh reality of the need in our own backyard. 70% of trafficked kids were once in the foster system…& many of these kids will age out of the system and have NO place to call home for the rest of their lives. ???????? When our pastor asked why the numbers are so high and why the church at large has done so little, the girl answered, “Well, it's because foster kids aren't seen as orphans—& they ARE. And, because fostering isn't “sexy” yet.” ???????????? There are SO many ways you can help, even if you're not called to foster and adopt. CASA, wraparound, safe homes….JUST ASK!! Check out (link in profile), watch the videos of these kids asking to be loved, share them on your social media sites (because they have better changes of being adopted if their videos are shared!) and let the good fire of justice move you to use your voice and arms and hearts to LOVE THESE KIDS! #foster #adopt #happyMothersDay

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