October 24, 2017

Choose Your Body

I have lived in a body I have been at war with.
I have lived in a body I have hated.
I have lived in a body I have been ashamed of as a woman.
I have lived in a body I have neglected.
I have lived in a body I have abused.
I have lived in a body I have been afraid of.
This year, it was time to make peace with my body.  It was time to choose it as my own, take ownership, and consciously move inside every part. ❤️
I have chosen the parts of my body that I adore AND chosen to be kind to the parts I’ve always wanted to change.  I have chosen to make peace with the parts that are aging AND chosen to be thankful for the way it always heals and keeps me alive.  I have chosen to move in as the caretaker, the high priestess of my temple, the keeper of my physical house…..wanting to love and adore the body that houses the connection I have with myself, with others, with God. .
If you haven’t joined my 10 Day Choose Yourself Challenge, we’re only 3 days in! (link in profile)  Today’s video about ‘Choose Your Body’ really got to me as I taught this morning, realizing how much shame I had felt as a woman in Christian culture for my body if it was too beautiful, or being ashamed that my body was created to be naturally sexual. I'm learning to move away from that shame and into acceptance, kindness, and deep love. .
This week, we’re going to learn to:
Choose our Masculinity/Femininity
Choose our natural God-given sexual nature
Choose our fear
Choose our inner child
Choose our wounded behaviors
Choose to forgive ourselves.
Have you learned to choose yourself?  If not, join us. (link in profile)
#Masterheart #ChooseYourself #freedom#FROMlove #not #FORlove

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