April 9, 2017


A Franciscan Catholic Father, a female Anglican Priest, and a Protestant missionary kid walk into the Albuquerque Convention Center to talk about the relationship that is the Trinity…& my mind and heart have officially exploded. ????????
For most of my life I've loved Jesus. He was easy to love since he suffered and died for me, taking away eternal torment. Then I got introduced to the Holy Spirit, and I felt like I got access to an atomic bomb that I didn't really understand, but who made me feel powerful (& a bit elitist if I'm honest). WE had the Holy Spirit and THEY didn't (insert other denominations). ???? But the Father was always a mystery, especially since He seemed very cruel in the Old Testament, asking Abraham to murder his child, wiping out bad people with floods, and allowing angels of death to murder children. .
I felt like I was never able to ask questions, tough questions, because if I did I would be called a Jezebel (which I have been before for not submitting to male authority), or be accused of lacking faith. But this past year I've finally gained the courage to ask some hard questions about the Christianity I was raised in…not out of rebellion, but because I deeply love my Christian tradition…& certain things just didn't make sense. Instead of just putting my head down, shutting up, and falling in line like I always have (for fear of rejection), I began every day opening my heart and asking the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me into all truth…even if it meant taking me into unlikely places. Places that I've avoided. Places I've deemed as wrong, because of disagreements on theology. .
What I loved about this conference was that three totally different Christian traditions—Catholic, Anglican, and Protestant—sat on the same stage loving each other through their diversity. I loved listening to them answer the same questions in very different ways, and no one threw a stone, each trusting that the Holy Spirit does a GREAT job of leading and guiding people into all truth. .
Thank you Papa Paul @wpy2009, Richard Rohr & Cynthia Bourgeaut for expanding my ❤& to begin seeing the mystery of the Trinity with newer, bigger eyes. ????????

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