October 24, 2017

A Woman Making Peace With Her Process

“I am a woman making peace with her process.” ????????
I have a light side. I have a dark side.
I have a spirit side. I have a shadow side.
I have an essence. I have an ego. And I am a woman who, at almost 40 years old, is finally making peace with her process of integration. ❤️
For years, I was consumed with the darkness I could still see inside my heart, slaving and striving to fix it in devotion to God. I was ashamed of my wounds, of my lack of perfection, of the fear I didn't know how to kick out of my mind. I hated my ego, beating myself in anger when I acted wounded and insecure. .
But hate never heals. So I tried something different. .
I chose to be like God. ???? I chose to look at my dark side through the lens of light, as Spirit does. I chose to see the truth about my heart…the good parts AND the bad, the shadow AND the light…& be like God again, never leaving me. Never forsaking me. Never condemning me. I chose to act like Jesus…to move towards the wounds with compassion instead of judgment. I chose to accept myself as I have been eternally accepted…
Even when I don't act acceptable. .
I am embracing ALL of me today. ALL of Christa. And I am being kind to her in her process of lifelong transformation. And gracious with her process of heart integration. I am being faithful to her, even when she has no faith left. .
Today, I am being like God…I am choosing to see all of Christa and love her unconditionally. .
Will you join me? ❤️
#masterheart #chooseyourself#heartmadewhole

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