September 1, 2014

Are You Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired?

I am.  So I did something about it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 11.40.21 PMIf you're anything like me, you thrive within structure.  Left on my own, I can be a total mess—but give me a study guide, a few borders, and some assignments, and I'll thrive.

I wrote this 45 day Bible Study/Study Guide for those who need that structure, walking you step by step into the sickness of the broken heart, introduce the diseases that plague your life (anger, bitterness, insecurity, fear, addiction, depression) to the Healer, give you practical steps to apply on a daily basis……

And walk into a Promised Land of freedom.

The thing about freedom is….it's never free.  It always costs something—time, money, effort.  Do you want a magic pill that will solve all of your problems (which, unfortunately, isn't going to happen), or are you ready to lock arms with me, open up your heart, and find out what's going on inside?

If you're ready, and if you want to forever explore the land that's available to you called freedom, then I would love to help you get there.

There are several ways that you can jump on board.


1)  Get the God Loves Ugly Study Guide and let me help coach you into this Promised Land:

For the next few weeks, I will be sending out short video blogs to my email subscribers, helping to coach them through the chapters of God Loves Ugly and the corresponding study guide for groups and individuals.  I've found that it's way easier to work through something if you're not alone, and if I could crawl through your computer screens I would.  But I can't.  So the best I can do is to send a video straight to your computer, life-coaching your heart into the hands of the most skilled Doctor in the universe: the God who made you.

2)  Grab a group of friends, start a GLU Group, and get special emails and discounts

I wish I could come speak to every group personally, but it's physically impossible.  But I can help.  If you decide to start a GLU Group (God Loves Ugly Group) and get at least 10 friends to sign up, I'll send your leader a God Loves Ugly Study Guide and the corresponding REM(MY) CARDS for free!

Just click on the GLU GROUP LEADER PACKET to order in bulk, and the leader will receive a weekly email from me that corresponds to the lesson, along with access to a personal email where I will respond to questions that the group sends my way.

3)  Get the first 2 Chapter of the STUDY GUIDE for FREE

I like to know that what I'm purchasing is actually going to work.  Which is why I want to give you the first couple of chapters of the God Loves Ugly Study Guide for free.  I sat down after my daughter Goldie died, and poured everything I could into these pages, longing to bring the wounded into the knowledge of the truth, then giving them practical steps to get pain to a Healer.  I know how to bring excruciating pain into a place of healing……and you better believe, it's my life-long mission to help as many people get there as possible.

Subscribe to my bi-weekly email, and get the first two chapters of the study guide for free.  If you work through the 10 free lessons, allowing the broken places of your heart to be exposed, I promise you…..

You will experience healing, freedom, and wholeness.


And if I sound like a used-car salesman, then so be it.  I'm fed up—fed up at Christians being as sick as everyone else.  I'm fed up with believers managing pain that we've been set free from.  I'm fed up at the church looking exactly like the rest of the world—broken, wounded, cruel, and beaten to a pulp.  And I'm absolutely certain that I know a God who came to correct those heart-problems…..If we will only let Him.  

Am I passionate about this? You better believe I am.  Am I confident in my God? More so than anything else on the earth.  I KNOW this God—and it's my life-goal to lead people TO Him.  If we would only stop slaving FOR Him and start hanging out WITH Him…..the church would be the hospital the world has been longing for.

But it starts with YOU.  It starts with YOU getting healed.  It starts with YOU becoming whole……and if you're ready…..then let's go for it.  (:


Is your heart wounded and in need of a Doctor?  Good news…..I know just the guy:

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 3.04.34 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 3.04.45 PM



To read the rest, subscribe in the box to your left, and receive the first two chapters for free!  Or pre-order your copy of the God Loves Ugly Study Guide today!  Orders will ship on September 22!




13 Responses to “Are You Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired?”

  1. I bought the study guide yesterday and I’m so excited to start the journey to total healing and the freedom that comes with that. I can totally relate to being sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have felt like I was in a rut of just getting through the days and weeks, but I want more than just getting through my days. I desire to live life everyday with joy and peace that only comes from God. Thank you Christa for creating this study guide! I look forward to getting it! –

  2. It’s so interesting how you can see something over and over, but all of a sudden one day you see this book and it’s as if God whispers to the deepest parts of your heart- “Get this, it’s time to walk your journey to freedom”. It’s like now more than ever I’m willing to fight no matter what the cost to have God come behind all my walls, to totally take me to that place of wholeness and complete freedom. I’ve tasted freedom, but there is still so much pain and sadness that I know God wants me to leave with Him. I’m sad this study guide is not available to be shipped in Canada, but know that even if I have to have someone get it from the States for me, I will get my hands on it. I totally believe God uses other’s experiences, wisdom, journeys etc, to get us to that place of seeing and understanding. I’m at this place!! I’m tired of disease in my body, and I’m tired of all the things the enemy is trying to use to steal my inheritance of freedom!! God has called me to incredible purpose, but there are still so many parts of my life that I have never let anyone into, and God just wants to get into those places and saturate me with love. Thank you for sharing in your journey with all of us!! Soooooo real, honest, raw, and full of healing!!!

  3. Hi Christa,
    Thank you so much for using the pain you are experiencing to heal others. God really is using your heartache for good.
    I am wanting to buy the Study guide and a copy of your book God Loves Ugly. Am I able to buy a copy of your book here on your site?
    Thanks and God bless you.

  4. My book came in today and I was at the office, but walked on my lunch to the Church mailbox, because I couldn’t wait to get started. I started it!! WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, that I know that I know that the time is NOW to step into complete and total freedom!! I’m ready to do all that it will take as I know God is going before me every step of the way!!!! 🙂 So absolutely blessed to be able to read this!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“I had planned to end my life, but chose to give it one last shot and signed up for the Master Heart Course. I finally found what I was looking for. My life has changed in ways I could never could put into words, being healed far beyond what I could imagine. I have a long way to go, but this course literally saved my life..”