October 1, 2010

I’m at the office today…

And as you can see, the working conditions are horrendous.  (:

Had a photo shoot with Steven Taylor ( and we're finishing up the final tweaks on the book cover and website—-Tasha Homan and Carmody Homan with Relevant Fashion ( purdy'd me up guud! Hired Cassie Petrey for online PR with CrowdSurf (, commissioned artwork by Libby Gifford to go with each chapter (you're gonna flip—& she's going to document and share the process with you guys!), am getting all my endorsements in for the book (can't wait to tell you who they are!), and am still finishing up the writing for all the songs that go with each chapter (& trying to figure out who's gonna produce this record!)…..


This bad boy is a lot of work….and it's worth every minute of it.

Love you guys…keep you updated.  (:

xoxo, Sista Christa

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