November 13, 2014

If You’re Overwhelmed, Then Stop Staring At What Overwhelms You

After writing the blog about the healing center on Monday, I woke up on Tuesday morning to a completely full email inbox—story after story of Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 8.55.03 PMbroken hearts who had lost loved ones, longing for a place that they could retreat and heal—and the gravity of the Gold Monarch Healing Center set in.

This wasn't just something that my mother had dreamed up over the years.  This was God's destiny for His brokenhearted children—& He was paving the way to bring them to a haven for wholeness…..& we were the ones chosen to help.

I drove home on Tuesday night through a waterfall of tears, overwhelmed and honored that Jesus would pick me to work alongside my beautiful family to help steward those broken by pain.  I was overwhelmed with emotion as I realized that He must REALLY trust us to hand over His most precious treasures….

The hearts of His children.  Your hearts.


I just sent out an email to everyone we had to turn away for the December Healing Gathering, knowing that all of the people who had applied really needed a haven in the midst of a holiday storm.  When you have a family who loves you, the holidays are fabulous.  But if you happen to be wrestling with the giants of grief, depression, addiction, or loneliness…..all the ‘fa-la-la-la-laing' can be downright torture.

I wrote this in an email to all the applicants today, and thought I'd share it with my online family:


“We know the holiday season is difficult for many people, especially  if you've lost loved ones, are dealing with addiction or depression, or find yourself alone.  Reminders of life and joy can sting a broken heart if it feels caged inside of pain.

One tip to try when LIFE feels a bit too heavy to bear:



It can be the fact that you have all your fingers and toes.

It can be the reality that you live in a world with indoor plumbing.

Thank God for the toilet paper that keeps your bottom clean, and the car radio that pours out free music.


When you look down at your pain and that pain becomes overwhelming, then simply look up, look around, and focus on something different.

It really is that simple.


This morning as my pregnancy test came back negative once again, I had a choice to make.  I wrapped my arms around my stomach, looked up and smiled at heaven, and began to thank God for the children that He's taking care of until He sends them to me.  I began to thank Him for Fathering them so well until He entrusts me with them.  I thanked Him again for my son Moses and the joy that he is to my life.  I thanked Him for putting my marriage back together in the last season after the loss of our daughter, Luca Gold.  I thanked Him that I was alive, breathing, and that the Spirit of the living God was rushing LIFE through my very veins.

How in the world could I be in despair when I took my focus on all that was going wrong, and began to focus on all that He was doing right?

My hope isn't set in an outcome.  My hope is anchored in a person—-and that person just happens to have set up His home inside of my heart.”


Whoever you are, wherever you are, don't forget to look UP today.  Don't forget to refocus your vision to ignite your hope.  And remember, your hope should never be in the uncertainty of this turbulent world—it must be anchored in the person of Jesus Christ.  The more you hear Him, see Him, feel Him, touch Him, and know Him…..the easier this becomes.

Sit at His feet today and just BE.  Be with the one who wants to love your heart into abundant life—providing everything you could ever need for wholeness.




5 Responses to “If You’re Overwhelmed, Then Stop Staring At What Overwhelms You”

  1. Wow!! I love what you have said here… “I wrapped my arms around my stomach, looked up and smiled at heaven, and began to thank God for the children that He’s taking care of until He sends them to me. I began to thank Him for Fathering them so well until He entrusts me with them”

    I am going to start doing this over my body every day!! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your inspiring words I’m too going through the same things. A heaven’s gain of my precious son and also months of negative tests. Must continue to look up and refocus everyday in the one person who is my hope and has my heart, Jesus Christ.

  3. Thank you Christa. Your blog truly blesses me.My heart was so grieved today and i felt so hopeless. I believe i was directed to this very post by the holy spirit and my heart feels at ease are such a blessing to us around the world.
    Lots of love from Singapore..

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