October 1, 2014

Is Christian Success Measured In Bigger Platforms?

I sat down with a friend last week for coffee to answer a question that I'm asked pretty often, “How do I become a writer and publish my book?”


And while I need to start the podcast I've been meaning to start for some time, sitting down across from someone to help coach them practically into the writing process while you listen in—today, I want to clue you in on the last, and most important part of our conversation—leaving you with the final words I gave my friend.

Start writing to the ONE.

In a world where seminars to build your online platform are becoming a dime a dozen—not to mention the dimes I could have accumulated when asked how to build an online platform myself—I'm reminded of Ecclesiastes 9:10:

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might,”

The moment I'm impressed by the numbers, the followers, the clicks and the likes is the very moment I've missed why I'm doing what I do.  I remember when I started my blog late one night on a tour bus, hoping if I had 100 girls that I could walk into a land of freedom, every moment would be worth it.  But because I was faithful with those 100 girls, they told their friends, and their mothers, grandmothers and fathers—and then the readers led others to the life, freedom, and hope they were experiencing.

You cannot lead someone where you have not already gone.  And when your goal as a believer is to sit at the feet of Jesus and receive in intimacy, then turning around to overflow onto the broken person in front of you—I promise you—others will come along.  People simply follow abundant life.

If you're in ministry today, please don't lose sight of the one you've been entrusted with.  Please don't lose sight of the person sitting in front of you, the Sunday school class in your care, the nursery, the elderly next door neighbor, your children, husband, family and friends.  The kingdom isn't about numbers on a scale, it's about hearts inside of real people.  Every time I look at the numbers, I'm confused anyway.   I'll pour my heart out in a blog, spending hours and hours crafting the right way to say something—and sometimes what's important to me isn't quite as important to you.  But if I looked at those ‘numbers,' I would lose sight of the ones who did read it and felt God tweak and shift their heart.

Do I want to build my online platform?  You better believe that I do.  I want to get my hands on as many people as I can and lead them into intimacy with a Love that brings hearts to life.  But in order to do that, I must remember that I'm in a different kingdom with different rules, and to be promoted in His kingdom, I must bow even lower.

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.”  James 4:10 (ESV)


If you're longing to publish your writings, books, songs, or blogs—but it's more about you than about the person reading—then at some point, they're going to feel it and stop listening.  This past week as I spoke in Carrollton, Texas, God woke me up at 1:30 am and said, ‘Christa, remember their hearts.'  I closed my eyes and saw the hearts of the women I was going to be in front of—the ones He had entrusted me with.  They were hurting, crying out in pain—longing for someone to hear their prayers.

God heard their prayers, and then He reminded me to pray, inspiring me to speak, write, and release what He's cultivating inside of me.  But it wasn't just about me… was about overflowing for them.


Today, as you hold loosely to the dreams in your heart, start with what's already in your hand.  Start with the one.  Start being faithful where you're planted, even if no one is watching, reading, or listening.   And I promise you, as you bow lower—caring for those that Jesus cared about enough to put in your path—He will entrust you with more.   Our God has a track record of taking a few loaves and fish, and when HE gets His hands on it, it supernaturally multiplies.

The more is never the goal—when you keep your focus on the one.  The more just happens when you're living life in the kingdom, caring for the one in front of you.


Ps.  Loved this beautiful blog about how Beth Moore got her start writing!  She was faithful with the handful of ladies God put in her path!



10 Responses to “Is Christian Success Measured In Bigger Platforms?”

  1. Absolutely love this. I started a blog back in March and while I know I have followers through email and on WordPress, I wonder how much I really reach people (a lot will follow you so you will follow them back). God had put it on my heart for a long time to write, and even though I’ve been doing this for just a short time, I sometimes question when it’s going to “take off,” if ever. This is a great reminder that it’s not about how many, but if you can reach at least one person it’s all worth it 🙂

    • Jami Williams

      Liz- what’s your blog address? Would love to follow! And same here- it’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers and why certain posts I wrote did “better” than others. The Holy Spirit doesn’t use a formula- we just have to write obediently. His word says in Zechariah “do not despise the day of small beginnings…” Love to you sister- and Christa, thank you for this. Keep the fight!

  2. Karen Gladu

    Thank you. I felt bad after posting a poem the other day and only 1 person appeared to have read it; so I took it down thinking it was a “bad” poem. If God gave it to me, and I know He did, maybe it was just that one person that needed to read it. Love to you, Karen

  3. Madeline

    Interesting; thank you for sharing! There seems to be a great deal of Christian “celebrities” these days (a cultural issue) and in some ways worsened by our social media gen. It’s good for us to remember influence is not dependent upon 50K IG followers, or zero.

  4. This is a great article. God began to teach me about this a while ago, the lesson seems so hard still (not that I’m a writer or blogger, or want that ‘Christian fame’, I just often feel so….”less than” because I’m just me!). Thanks for reinforcing it with not only your wise words but your authenticity.
    Love from Australia x

  5. I’ve always been a writer since a small child I have kept journals, poems, stories etc. I’ve written a story of my life, and growing up in a home without a father, facing abuse etc. as a sort of personal accomplishment goal. It is 18 chapters long, and one day I may publish it, but right now am just glad that I was able to write it. Maybe this will only ever be a family keepsake that I will never publish in a book. I love reading others writing, because you can really see a creative heart behind it.

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