August 13, 2012

God and Batman

Ahhhh, Christian Bale.  You had me at Newsies.

So now that you’re Batman, I feel like a 13-year-old with a crush all over again.  (And it’s ok, because Studhubs has a mancrush on him, too).


Going to the movies used to be our favorite pastime, but as new parents to the cutest 4.5 month old alive (see Instagram and prepare to swoon), movies are a distant memory.  So when my inlaws offered to babysit Moses Grae Lionheart so we could go see Batman this last week, you better believe we took our Christian Bale crushes and raced to Tinseltown.

The movie—unreal, until the ending.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, don’t worry.  No spoiler alert here.  Let’s just say, it doesn’t merit a blubber-fest, which is what happened.  Now mind you, I’m the girl who cries during movie previews and Mother’s day commercials, so this isn’t a rare thing.  But crying at the end of Batman?  A little strange, even for me.

So what did I do about it?  I started talking to God.

“God, WHY do I always do this?  Why do I always feel your presence SO strongly enough to cry at the movie theater, or during commercials, or when the US women break the world record in the 100m relay?  Is there something wrong with me?  Am I too sensitive?  Am I just hormonal?”

The response I got wasn’t at all what I expected.

“Because you’re experiencing goodness, so you’re experiencing me.”

At the end of movies when good overcomes evil, when right triumphs over wrong, when bad guys are defeated, good guys save the day, rescue the weak, perform the impossible, and save the world, I experience God.  Every time.  Why? Because His glory is His goodness.  When Liam Niesen crosses the ocean to rescue his daughter who’s been kidnapped and sold into the sex slave industry in Taken, I experience God.  Every time an orphan is adopted, the underdog wins, the wounded find love, or someone does something selfless, I experience God, and so do you.

His goodness is His glory, and since He’s the author of goodness, every time it happens, He’s in it.

In Exodus when Moses asks to see God and God hides him in the cleft of the rock and passes by him, the goodness of God passed before His eyes.  So where there’s goodness, you have God.  Every time.  God and goodness stick together like velcro, even when someone who doesn’t believe in God is doing good.

I love to experience God, so this is a fantastic and simple discovery.  Because every time I release goodness or encounter goodness, I get to encounter God.

Makes you rethink a lot of Christian stances against Hollywood, huh?  (:

And the sad thing is, a lot of people are preaching against movies, people, and lifestyles instead of just getting up out of church pews and serving, loving, and doing what needs to be done.

The world doesn’t need another sermon or church.  They don’t need judgment and they don’t need cruelty.  They need an encounter with goodness, because every time they do, they get to encounter the God of the universe.

Are you encountering God and not even knowing it?  Where is the goodness in your life that you might not be seeing?  Begin putting on a new perspective and look outside the lines.  Look for God in the small things, even in movies, songs, or in the neighbor next door who gets your mail while you’re out of town.  

Where can you release the fingerprints of God today, partnering with His goodness? Where can you find Him?

He’s everywhere, just waiting to be found.  

xx, Christa

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  1. Aaron Truong

    For me, my favorite scene in the movie was Bruce’s conversation with Catwoman because I thought it was a perfect illustration of how Grace changes people. Catwoman, throughout the whole movie, lived with guilt and shame over what she had done in her past and was desperately seeking for a way to be cleansed of it. Bruce was the only one who had what she was searching for. Even though he was robbed, betrayed, imprisoned and almost murdered by her, he saw that there was more to her than a criminal and invited her into his rescue mission of Gotham. Before she had done anything to deserve his trust, he offered to her the key to her freedom as a free gift (Grace). She received it and it changed her from the inside out. Although she wasn’t obligated to stay in Gotham and help, Bruce’s grace and love transformed her from a villain into a hero.

    I think this is a perfect illustration of what Christ has done for us. While we were yet sinners, whose actions put Christ on the cross, Jesus, in his Grace, gave us the key to our salvation. He did this as a free gift before we did anything to deserve it. When we receive this grace, it changes us from the inside out, so that we are no longer compelled by obligation and fear. Rather, it is his love that compels us to serve and worship Him and partner with Him in His rescue mission of the world.

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