July 18, 2015

Expecting Miracles For Our Kids: 3 Practical Things We’ve Done for Birdie James

I'm not a big fan of lack.

IMG_5457Especially when I believe the Jesus of abundance lives inside of me….the same Jesus that multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish to feed way over 5,000 people.

Ever since my daughter Birdie James was born two months early at 31 weeks….I heard God give me a promise—-

She will only go from glory to glory.


The valid expertise of the NICU nurses and doctors will tell you that preemie babies will go forward, then go backward—that it's normal and to not be discouraged when it happens.  And though they're entirely right, I just smiled and nodded as they gave me the news while a little voice screamed inside of my heart…..Nope, not little Birdie. She won't go backwards…she'll only go from glory to glory.  That's what my God decreed over her little life, so that's what's going to happen.

And friends, this has happened beyond measure.

Not only has our little bird flown forward without regression, she has rocketed past every NICU milestone, which has helped her earn the title “Miracle Baby” from her nurses.


If you've had a preemie baby or find yourself living in the NICU (like we have for the last 3.5 weeks), or are simply parenting a human being—here's a few things I decided in the beginning of our journey that have made all the difference in the world.



I adore the medical community that has worked and trained for years to be able to care for my daughter, nursing her from a tiny 3 lb 10 oz to the 5 lb 2 oz girl she is today.  I am FOREVER indebted to them, and will miss their smiles, care, and instruction as the guide us through uncharted waters.  But even when they tell me what is logically and medically true about my daughter, I always stop and ask another question:

“God what is YOUR TRUTH over my daughter?”

There is a huge difference in the natural world and the supernatural kingdom where I live as a citizen of heaven.  And I want to always know what heaven has to say over my situation.

It's true that preemies progress, then regress.  But the truth is, I heard God say she'd only go from glory to glory.  Every time a true medical statement was given, I always listened to God, got a promise from Him, then turning to declare the truth over my daughter.


I would speak it out loud.

I would decree it where her spirit could hear it.  

I would align my heart with the perspective of heaven.

And I wouldn't stop. 


Now, don't get me wrong.  I actually LIKED hearing what was normal for preemies—that it was medically possible for her tummy to bloat from week 33-35, so we believed there would be NO blood in her diaper and NO blood in her tummy after tube feedings.  I liked knowing what we needed to pray and believe against, releasing the opposite over her little life.  

But every time I'd hear what was true, I'd take it and use it to my advantage….listening to God, hearing what He had to say, letting it release faith into my spirit, and then declaring His truth over my baby girl.


IMG_5454(Example:  Birdie didn't pass her first hearing test.  But because I had heard the Lord tell me last year that she would “restore our song” after her sister Goldie died, I knew she would love to sing.  And singing requires hearing.  (:  When she didn't pass her test, my husband and I looked at each other and just smiled, praying and declaring what God had told us over Birdie—without fear.

The next day, she passed her hearing test at 100 percent with no problems….just like God had said!)



If we could see with our physical eyes what the power of a blessing releases over a person, I think we'd all going around blessing everything!


Last year, I got frustrated that I couldn't eat as healthy as I wanted to while I was on the road—always limited to less-than-organic options in airports and at venues.  And that's when God spoke to me….

“Christa, why don't you bless your food and ask me to supercharge it with the miracle working power of heaven.” 

As I began to do this in situations where I couldn't avoid eating meals full of processed foods, pesticides, GMO's and chemicals—I started believing that God could take everything in those foods meant to harm my body, and as I blessed them with the miracle working power of the kingdom, God could turn them for good!


When I first started pumping for Birdie every 3 hours day and night, trying to get her a good supply of breast milk in the NICU, I was barely able to get anything out.  I remember sitting at my pump at 2 am, frustrated that my body wasn't producing what it needed to give my daughter an abundant supply.  And then, I heard the Spirt of God remind me…..

There is no lack in the kingdom of God. 

I laid one hand on my head, and one arm across my chest, blessing my body to come into alignment with the abundance of heaven.  I blessed my milk, asking Father to supercharge it with His power to restore and heal my daughter in RECORD time.  I decreed the life of Jesus in my milk and the power of the Holy Spirit, that it would go into her little body to heal and restore.  I believed that every time I pumped, I would produce an abundance of miracle milk.  

Since I wasn't able to be with Birdie all the time, I would watch the video of her birth and just worship, thanking God for my beautiful healthy daughter.  I wouldn't allow my body to move into frustration or fear—I'd keep my eyes on the God of who supplies ALL my needs according to His riches in glory.  I did practical things like talk to a lactation consultant, getting great advice and tips on things I could do to help my milk supply.  (Hand express, lactation cookies).

But in the end, I didn't have to do much extra work for very long—because from day 2 of her birth until this very moment, I can pump 6 oz in 3 minutes, and 8-9 oz in 4-5 minutes.  (And mamas, you know that is CRAZY MIRACULOUS).  As the abundance continues to IMG_5540flow, the NICU asked me two weeks ago to stop bringing my milk because they've got a freezer overflowing with it.  I donated several boxes to a local mom who couldn't produce enough to feed her sick son, and this picture of the freezer in my parents garage isn't even the extent of my extra milk.

Let's just say… our house, we're a land flowing with miracle milk and local honey………(:



While I was texting with a friend one day, she let me know that she had done a research paper in college about preemie babies and what they need to thrive.

“Physical touch and music,” she said.  “Make sure you're giving her a ton of physical touch, skin to skin, and playing music for her brain development.”


Over the past month, you've probably seen a lot of shirtless pictures of my husband and very few pictures of me holding Birdie—and this is why.  When we hold her, we put her heart up to ours—letting her skin feel our skin, and her heart feel our heartbeat.  As I sit beside her, I sing, sing, sing….having a playlist of my favorite worship songs on constant repeat over her NICU crib.  If Luke and I are sitting with her, we're worshiping.  If she's in our arms, we're singing blessings over her spirit.

We've believed for an open heaven over our daughter in the NICU, and that it would spill over into that place and pour into the other babies, into their parents, and all the nurses and doctors.  We know what the power of worship does—releasing the presence of a perfect God into any situation—and as we worship, Birdie's heart is affected…..

But so is her physical body.  


We believe that worship and the sound of heaven resounds within every cell of her body—creating life, healing, and growth.  We believe that as the sound goes forth, creation happens.  We believe that as the truth is declared over her physical body, it explodes with life.

And this is happening.


Every day that we come in, our Birdie has jumped up in weight.  Her cheeks are chubby and huge.  Her body has grown out of her preemie clothes and into newborn clothes.  And as the sound of heaven is released over our daughter, her physical DNA, down to the cellular level, comes into alignment with that kingdom.

The kingdom of healing, wholeness, and abundant life.


There is so much more I can say, which is why this needs to be a series.  And your baby doesn't have to be premature or in the NICU for you to start releasing these practical tips over your infants and children.  As parents, we've been commissioned with the greatest task on earth….to father and mother God's most precious creations–His kids.  This is my greatest role on earth, and one that I take very seriously.


I'm not the protector of my child–God is.

I'm not the provider for my child–God is.

I'm not the healer of my child–God is.

But as I surrender my children into the hands of the Father every day, asking Him to show me how to partner with Him to nurture, pray for, raise, and love my kids…..

The Counselor sure is a good teacher.  And I simply can't figure out how people parent without Him.


IMG_5486Friends, declare LIFE over your children today.  Lay hands on them and bless them, no matter how old they are.  Lay hands on yourself and declare that your body, your life, and your being will bring them closer to Jesus—producing miracles in a natural world.  Sing over them—releasing the sound of heaven.  Pray over them, believing God's promises.

Greatly loved children who experience the miraculous at an early age grow up to be adults who supernaturally love the world.  And as a parent, you get to be your kids introduction to this new kingdom—the kingdom of heaven that doesn't make sense to our earthly minds, but can explode within hearts that are filled with faith.


Expect miracles today in your families, dear friends.  Because the God living inside of you is waiting to release them.  (:


“I pray over you a release of the blessings of God's undeserved kindness and total well-being (health, prosperity, peace, and total well-being) that flows from our Father-God and from the Lord Jesus.”  Galatians 1:3



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13 Responses to “Expecting Miracles For Our Kids: 3 Practical Things We’ve Done for Birdie James”

  1. Allison Bennett

    Thank you, Christa. Thank you. God is working so mightily in and through you. Your words, the wisdom, the blessing you are to so many. I am just one person. So grateful for you, thank you again for sharing with us 🙂 Jesus is the Ultimate Redeemer.

  2. Beth112

    Fabulous post, Christa! I just wanted to briefly share my story for those who need encouragement. I was born at 25 weeks, three months premature. I was in the hospital for three months. Everyone thought I would be there longer, but after three months, I ripped off my oxygen tubes, convincing everyone I was ready to go home! 25 years later, by God’s miraculous grace, I have no health issues whatsoever and am truly thankful for my life here on earth.

  3. Laura Armour

    I’m so encouraged by your miracle milk testimony and I’m totally claiming it for myself. My twin girls were born 5 weeks ago and while Claire came straight home, Emma has been in the NICU with several miracles in progress as we prefer to call her “congenital abnormalities” since her birthday. Now that Emma is up to full feeds and Claire is having a growth spurt I’ve seen all my freezer milk stores disappear…thank you for sharing your milk producing miracle!

  4. This post ist touching my heart so deep!! I’m from Switzerland an I was born as a premature birth… I couldn’t breathe well and my parents didn’t know if I would live. Now I’m working as a nurse in the NICU and I have so much on my heart what you just wrote down… I always sing and pray over the babys and I love to speak prophetic word over the family’s an the babys!! thank for sharing your live!! It touches my heart!! You’re doing awesome!!

  5. Victoria

    Thank you so much for sharing so much of your life with others, watching this journey has been completely life changing for me. I was born at 24 weeks, weighed one pound and have absolutely zero health problems (and this was in the 80s). I now feel more connected to what my own family must have been going through at my birth and i’m so thankful for the countless prayers that were prayed over my life in those crucial moments. God is a BIG God and your Birdie is releasing hope and joy to so many!

  6. Emily Withers Smith

    This is so good! My 14 year old daughter was recently given a scary diagnosis. While we were sitting in a room full of well-meaning doctors as they delivered the statistics; my husband and I clung to the presence of God and chose to respond with the Truth. I wish I could yell from the rooftops and encourage other parents to hold fast to the Prince of Peace when their children need healing. I am immeasurably thankful that your blog is doing just that! Bless you, Christa! I am drinking in this good testimony of Birdie’s progress, applying it to our circumstance.

    • Christa’s testimoney is such a blessing and I will use some of it with my children and grandchildren. Emily Withers Smith, I too had a scary diagnosis with my then 17 year old daughter. The well meaning doctors and nurses, cried with us and held our hand and then I just wanted to get away to call my best friend so we could cry together, but as I walked down the hall a small jingle came from within “Whose report will you believe”. I remember singing that song years and years ago, but I hung onto it with all my might, and called my girlfriend with a new frame of mind, but she did not answer. That confirmed to me that God wanted me to Trust Him and Talk to Him. I sat there in the waiting room and prayed and talked to the Lord. I went back to the room and told them I wanted to speak to my daughter. I held her hand and asked her if she believed in God. She said, yes mama. I asked her if she believed that He could heal her, she said yes again. I told her she was at an age where HER Faith was needed. I had carried her but now it was time to put her faith into action. I asked her again, she said yes again, we prayed, praised God right there in the waiting room and told the doctors that we would not allow then to cut into her skull and that we believed the report of the Lord, that she was healed. We checked out of the hospital, only to return in two days with the same symptoms. Of course the doctors, wanted to say we told you so. But we went through the same confessions again, and realized that when Satan tries us, we had to not be afraid but had to stand. We left the hospital again, not to return. My daughter is now 26 years old with two children and no regrets. My God is a Healer and I pray with and for you and all the others on this blog that we will maintain a true trust in God that He can do anything we are faithful enough to believe Him for. God’s Blessings to all and this is a great Blog. Love the testimonies! So encouraging!

  7. Dear Christa, I just want to say thank you so much for sharing your faithful journey, and thanks especially for the call and inspiration to pray for milk! My son has had lots of weight gain/ reflux issues and it was really starting to stress me, to the point where I was struggling to get a let down when I fed him, let alone when trying to express… but last night I prayed before pumping, after reading your blog, and then his Papa was able to give him a bottle for yge first time in 2 weeks. So grateful for your powerful faith and encouragement!

  8. Yassara Morimoto Todorov

    Thank you for sharing your walk with the Lord and how we don’t need to let circumstances speak louder than His Truth! I am 36 weeks today and ever since I found your blog and your testimony through Instagram, the Lord has been waking me up and speaking to me and He would say something and when I would read your blog, and it would be a confirmation of what he just whispered in my heart about 🙂 and instead of getting frustrated or have anxious thoughts while awake in the middle of the night hungry or just couldn’t fall back asleep, His presence would just turn things around and it would become a precious time with the Holy Spirit as Id start to sing and read your blog. I am rejoicing with you over Birdie’s life and I am believing and expecting only miracles with soon to be born baby Ethan. I declare gestational diabetes does not have a hold on his life and that I am not the protector of my child is but GOD is 🙂 he has been and will be for the rest of his life.
    Thank you Christa and God bless you with many songs that Birdie sings and will continue to sing for His glory!!!!

  9. Jaime Hilton

    This is incredible. Powerful. Real. And I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes – blessed by your abandon to believe Jesus did absolutely EVERYTHING at the cross so that we never have to go without. Ever. (Ughhh…it wrecks me. He’s so kiiiind.) THANK YOU for writing your trust-story – for sharing it – for living this. What a picture of His love!

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