November 10, 2010

Empty House

So, we went from this:

To this:

Our fabulously furnished West Hollywood rental house is no longer fabulously furnished (with our landlord moving across the country to Connecticut with furniture in tow), and we're now the proud owners of 3 chairs, a rug, a thrift store dining room table, some guitars and a violin, clothes, books, and an air mattress.

Now, at first—I was in a panic.  We're in the busiest/craziest/shifting process of our lives—releasing my book, my album….we're trying to get the website launched, merch ready to go, a new business set up….and on top of everything changing as we jump off several ‘cliffs', I sat and watched as our home was being marched out the door by 3 Lithuanian guys in a flat-rate moving truck.  But amid the chaos, and strangely enough….

The almost empty house feels FREE.  

It's amazing how we think we need ‘stuff' to be happy.  It's funny how so much of our identity, value, and emotions stem from things that can be so quickly taken away from us—and that at the end of the day, we don't really even need.  

If you ask me why I love my life, it would have very little to do with the chair I sit on, or the house I come home to, or the car I drive from point A to point B.  If you ask me what makes me get out of bed in the morning or what puts a smile on my face—it wouldn't be the MacBook Pro I'm using to write this blog or the iPhone that makes my life a heck of a lot easier.  

It would be my Studhubs, who continues to make every day sweeter and more colorful—teaching me what it truly means to be loved for who I am—and loving me into someone greater.

It would be watching my beautiful gargantuan child, Nala, play with her 2-pound best friend, Gaga.

It's the richness of new friends…

And the reunion of old ones….

It's the love of ones from afar….

And the ones who believe in me and my vision….

And last but certainly not least….the ones who I pray for, burn for, and love like a sister would love her own family…..

Life is made up of moments.  Some good—some bad….but they're all moments that make up the one shot we get at this thing called life.  The people I surround myself with, the way that I love, the things that I learn, the God that I'm loved by and love in return, the relationships, the memories, the emotions—they all assure me of one very important thing.

My house will never, ever, ever, ever be empty.  

xx, Sista Christa

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