September 27, 2010


We run from it.  We hide from it.  We try to make it go away…..however……

Conflict is the place where we find out what is inside of us…and what needs to be exposed in order to change.  (sigh)

Been going through a rough heart-patch…mostly with friends.  Instead of looking at the trial as something that I need to a) get out of as soon as possible b) run for the hills as fast as i can or, c) find the nearest fire escape…..

I'm staying put.  I'm not running.  And I'm not hiding.

I'm turning and facing the conflict….because i'm committed to my relationships.

For most of my life, I though being committed to relationship meant I need to ‘keep the peace.'  I believed that if i could just please people…or keep people happy, the relationship could last and prosper.  Oh, how very wrong I was.  But relationship isn't ever relationship without truth…

and truth involves conflict.  Almost always.

I want truth in my relationships because I'm committed to them….and I value and treasure the process of conflict…because I love the person I become within the conflict.

I never become who I need to become by playing it safe.  I become who I need to become….by trial by fire.

The fire hurts—-but I like who I become after the fire dies down.  I'm stronger…I'm more confident…I'm more loving…and I'm wiser.

So fire:  scary, hurtful, painful fire……..

Bring it on. 

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