November 28, 2014

Last Day To Order Your Autographed Black Friday Bundle!

When I sat down last night to try and make a requested Christmas list for family members to order from, I had a tough time. design I didn't really need anything, let alone want anything (other than a house!), and figured that might not fit on Santa's sleigh, or in the realm of most people's Christmas budgets.

I didn't need another article of clothing.  I didn't need another black boot.  But what I did want, was something personalized, something life-changing, and something thoughtful.

And since I'm not going to autograph my own books and send them to myself, I figured I would love to do that for each of you.

In each Black Friday bundle, the book and study guide will be autographed with a personal note to you, or to your loved one.  (Leave a comment as you pay with Paypal to who you'd like me to sign it to).  And then, add the Rem(My) cards, and still save $5!

This is a limited time offer, so order your bundle in the STORE today!

Happy Black Friday shopping, friends!






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