December 23, 2015

Are You Ready For Miracles in 2016? The Miracle of Gold Monarch Healing Center

2014 was a year of loss and pain for our family.  And 2015 has been a year of rebuilding.

KByz1VPMddzjWWq1Lr5bTNkLZRw_08YV0ciR5yw-2sk,X8igXr2o2OX1XodyuK7ccXodWcaIsuZj6KqJXpOjCCgAfter we lost our little Goldie, not only did God begin rebuilding our hearts from the rubble mess of tragic death, but He also began rebuilding the hearts of so many from all over the world.

In honor of our little Goldie, Gold Monarch Healing Center opened its doors in December of last year.  And since then, we've seen miracle after miracle of healing as guests come to stay on the stunning property—eating disorders, addictions, and depression healed; marriages put back together; night terrors ceased; panic attacks stopped; and hearts and lives restored after loss and abuse…..the list of testimonies goes on and on.

When God is allowed to get to the source of the problem—the broken heart—and the heart is healed….the symptoms change.  And He can change anyone—I'm living proof of that.

For those of you curious about Gold Monarch, what we do, and some of the miracles that occur, you first must know the miracle of this property and how it was obtained.

Only God.  ONLY God can do things like this.


Let me tell you a fantastic story that will build up your faith for the impossible in 2016:

DavidAmyBlack-300x300Taking her undergraduate degree in interior design that cultivates great pleasure in creating beauty in the home, and combining it with her masters degree in marriage and family therapy with years of work in inner healing ministries, Amy Black (my rockstar of a mother) always held an impossible dream tucked deep within her heart:  she wanted to open a beautiful healing center for the broken hearted, bringing restoration and healing.  But as a pastors wife of forty-years on a wonderful but very reasonable salary, the lavish and expensive dream of a center was just that—a dream.

Luke and I had a horrible year in 2013 while living in Los Angeles, CA.  Our marriage was on the rocks, our closest relationships were crumbling, our hearts were a mess from old wounds that didn't know how to heal, and as we prayed and listened to the heart of God, we heard very clearly.  We needed to move to Abilene, Texas to be around my family and receive personal HeartSync ministry.

In January of 2014 (before Goldie died two months later in March), I started hopping online in my spare time to search for properties that fit moms dream for a healing center.   There was no money to buy it….but there was massive need.  As a guinea pig who had tried every inner healing ministry over the years to get free, I had tried what seemed like everything.  But NOTHING had worked for me like HeartSync to connect me to the heart of God, restoring me to a place of peace and freedom.  I was seeing God, hearing Him, experiencing Him for the first time in my Christian life, and that relationship was changing me.  I knew there was a massive need for healing of this caliber in the church—and so did God.

Friends, many times, the Spirit defies logic.  There was no money in the bank for a center—nothing tangible to pull us forward. But we all felt a pull on our hearts to dream.

And dream big.

God likes children who dream impossible dreams….because it means HE has to be involved.  When He got ahold of that impossible dream in January of 2014 and breathed life on it, the dream turned to substance as the first LARGE donation was handed to my mom's non-profit organization with one condition:

“You’ve got to start a healing center.”


As the donation came in to start a place to heal the broken hearted, our own hearts shattered into a million pieces.  I gave birth in March 2014 to my little Goldie who passed away from a condition called anencephaly, and the search for a healing center screeched to a halt.  WE needed to heal.  WE needed to stop spinning.  WE needed to connect deeper to Jesus than ever before—like we had learned in HeartSync.  To wade through the fog of my own grieving and healing journey, I started writing publicly on this blog about the process of heart-healing after tragedy, encouraging hundreds of thousands of readers to look at their own brokenness and begin their own story of wholeness. As my number of readers grew daily and all of you (my readers) began sharing your own personal stories of loss, tragedy, and deep pain, the need for a healing center became more and more apparent.

As the months slowly passed and we all began to return back to life after death, I relaunched my search for properties in Abilene, Texas that fit the dream, knowing a place like that would need specific qualifications to be used as a healing center. We needed land that felt like a country-retreat away from the city, and beautiful housing with master suites for each of their guests (so no one would have to share the loo). We needed space for spa treatments to release trauma from the body, and a large area to host bigger gatherings and conferences. We needed a gourmet kitchen where our chef could prepare organic meals, and rooms for personal ministry times. But as their search went on, we only found one property that fit the bill.

But it was DOUBLE the amount of what mom had been given.

mxoNcL_l8XkQOO3XKGyrOg6-v7xzvhJ8YSsufHMDv1U,wT3Pa5CCGQucDj8ZVEOP9CXbEv2LWFc56WjbOmvGN6YGod doesn't know the word ‘impossible', which is why my mom urged me to pick up the phone and call the realtor, setting up a time to tour the property.   If God wanted this place to happen, then there was nothing in the world (including finances) that could stop it.

As we all stepped onto the land and heard the story of the breathtaking 10,000-square-foot white stone house that was first built by a heart doctor, then sold to an incredible Christian family who had moved in to heal after the loss of their infant daughter, everyone knew.

This was land ordained by God for healing far before time began. And this property was it—Gold Monarch Healing Center.


No great story is told without a few bumps in the road, and the rather large bump was, they still only had half the money.

As my mom headed on a prescheduled trip to Pemba, Mozambique in August to minister HeartSync, I texted her an unfortunate message:

“Hey, mom. I just talked to the realtor, and the property had an offer and they’ve taken it off of the market. I’m so sorry—we’ll find another place!”

With the dream property gone, and no funds to purchase it anyway, we all started praying, asking God to be crystal clear.

Should my mom give the initial donation back? 

Should the family move to Nashville to be around other family members and try to start the center there?

Were we supposed to wait and see if another miracle property came on the market in Texas? Maybe it just wasn’t the right timing?


One night as my mom lay her head on her pillow in Pemba after a long day of ministering, she woke up the next morning with a very clear and vivid dream. In the dream, the property in Abilene had been given to them, and it was open as a healing center. She returned from Africa and emailed the realtor, letting her know she had a dream and needed to make sure the place had really sold before her heart moved on.

The realtor responded in complete shock. That exact day, the original buyer had backed out, unable to get his funding to purchase the property. The realtor encouraged my mom to get an offer submitted as quickly as possible, and that she would get it to the owners.

Fueled by a dream and a promise from God, Mom put a crazy bid on a dream property that she didn’t have the money for, believing that in the ninety-days they had before closing on the center, the remaining money would miraculously surface.


God likes to show off.

Day after day, miracles appeared out of thin air. The doorbell would ring with acquaintances, family members, and friends feeling led to drop of checks containing thousands of dollars. Friends and church members would donate pieces of land to sell, or sign over stock to Mom's non-profit to be cashed in. Random and unsolicited donations would come into the Luca Gold Healing Fund online, checks would arrive in the mail, or cards with cash were given at church gatherings. At a conference in North Carolina, the speaker (who knew nothing about them) stopped to point at my mom and dad in the crowd, declaring they were an Abraham and Sarah—and that high dollar real estate followed Abraham and Sarah. “Not just any real estate,” he went on to say. “Property that overlooks the city—lavish, expensive, and beautiful real estate.”

Everyone sat back and watched as God did what He does best—turn the desert of impossibility into the Promised Land of rest and inheritance.

As the days and weeks crept closer to the November 21, 2014 closing date, even with all the extravagant donations coming in, there still wasn’t enough money to purchase the property. Mom and Dad still needed to sell their own home, planning on downsizing to buy a small guest house where they would live on the back of the healing center property, and a few key donations were yet to come through.

But we all kept returning to the dream, and to the words God had spoken—knowing He would come through. Down to the wire on the day of November 21st, just hours before closing, the last $25,000 was donated, and the non-profit organization Undivided Heart Inc. purchased the property, immediately naming it Gold Monarch Healing Center in honor of our little Luca Gold “Goldie” Gifford.

family-1024x562Mom and Dad live still in a home on the back of the property, Luke and I fly in from Nashville to help minister, and every time we step on this miracle land, we thank our beautiful God for carrying out His destiny of healing for our daughter Goldie.


It's the end of the year, and you'd be astounded at the need.  The emails we receive on a daily basis are heartbreaking…..and we just don't have the staff or means to help them all.

The countless number of people who have been trafficked for sex at some point in their life, trying to pick up the shattered pieces of their heart to survive the pain….

The soldiers, police officers, EMT's and first responders suffering from PTSD from what they endure to save lives….

The people in full time ministry who have no where to go to work out their own brokenness….

The widows who have lost their husbands, raising children with a broken heart….

Those addicted to pain medication, anxiety medication, and sleeping pills to try and cope with the physical pain that manifests with a broken heart…..

Those who have lost children who don't know how to move on……

The addictions, the depression, the abuse……thousands of Christians who LONG for the freedom that Christ offers but have no idea how to get there.



I don't have a problem asking for money, especially since it TAKES finances to keep the healing center open, and my family and I have ministered there for free this year to make sure people got the help they needed.  We were so honored to do it in HONOR of our little Goldie!

We would LOVE for you to partner with us for 2016 at Gold Monarch Healing Center, sharing in our vision to see those broken by pain find healing and restoration!

Ways you can help:

The Luca Gold Healing Fund:   We've exhausted our resources to offer scholarships this year and need your help to raise funding for those in need who can't afford to come.  Click HERE to donate!

Monthly Partners:  We absolutely need monthly partners to carry on our work of inner healing.  We could be open for 365 days a year with the amount of emails we receive and the need for healing—but we need more staff and more resources in order to scale the operation to meet the need.  If you'd like to become a monthly partner or to give a one time gift online, click HERE to donate!

Mail Your Donation:
Please make checks out to: Undivided Heart Inc.
Gold Monarch Healing Center
1753 Iberis Rd South
Abilene, TX 79606


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.53.41 PMWe are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization under the rules and regulations of the IRS, so all of your donations are tax deductible.

Our heart is to make Gold Monarch Healing Center available to all, regardless of their financial situation. Your generous help allows us to offer quality care and ministry to beautiful hearts from all walks of life!


Thanks friends!  Merry Christmas….AND DREAM IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS FOR 2016!!!


Signature CBG


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  1. Christa, I enjoy following your blogs. I love your heart for healing and your unwavering stance of God’s goodness! Have you seen It has the FREE album download by Dustin Smith with Michael Farren and other Integrity Music artists, “Reach out your Hand.” It seems it would be an awesome added resource to your Healing Center 🙂

  2. Karla Wilbanks Kahler

    My husband and I lived in that little guest house behind the retreat center. It is the home we brought our miracle daughter home to after a traumatic pregnancy and premature birth. What a blessing that home was to us the time and I pray that many more are blessed at that place.

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