Are You ‘Shoulding’ On Yourself?

When I wake up most mornings, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and I could pretty much sing ‘Supercalifragalisticexpialidotious’ after opening my eyes. The hubs, however, is a…

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Do I Feel Worthy Enough to Carry a Louis Vuitton?

Several weeks ago I went shopping for myself—which is about as rare as snow falling in October. And while many of you think that’s an exaggeration, I was on orders…

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When You’re A Winner, Do You Act Like A Loser? My Night at the Dove Awards

I’m not the type of blogger that writes controversially to gain followers.  I’m also never going to personally attack someone that I disagree with, which many people use their online platform…

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Can I Ever Forgive Myself For This?

Reading old journals can either be inspiring, or a little bit embarrassing.  And reading mine can be a bit of both. Before the husband, the kids, the blog, book, and…

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The Two Year Wait Is Over: Birdie James Is Home

Two years I have waited. For two years, Luke and I have longed to bring home our little girl, with bassinets staying empty and dainty clothes stored away.  When your body is…

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Expecting Miracles For Our Kids: 3 Practical Things We’ve Done for Birdie James

I’m not a big fan of lack. Especially when I believe the Jesus of abundance lives inside of me….the same Jesus that multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish to feed way over…

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From Gold to Pink: Moving From The Death of One Child, to the Life of Another

For two weeks, my mom has been trying to steal me away and bless me with a mani-pedi.   But juggling things like practically living at the NICU with our 33 week…

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When Joy Has A Face: Welcome Birdie James

I have no idea how people survive without Jesus. Actually, let me be more clear. I have no idea how people survive without EXPERIENCING Jesus—because there’s a world of difference….

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My New Home For A Bit: The Hospital

Here I am….laying in this hospital bed at 4:28 am, listening to the beeping of my heart monitor, and the treasure of my daughter’s heart beating loudly through the speaker…

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Am I Having A Boy? Or A Girl? Gender Reveal!

As I opened my eyes Saturday morning in a hotel room in Houston, Texas, I heard Father begin whispering to my heart, “Hey girl, instead of turning on the finale of Top…

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I Have To Confess, I’m Super Disappointed About This…

For most of my life as a Christian, I’ve been taught that negative emotions are untrustworthy little critters.  Heck, I’ve even taught that very concept on numerous occasions. Crippling, negative feelings like…

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Is Your Heart Broken & You Don’t Know It?

Have you ever felt like your heart wasn’t working exactly as it should be, but you didn’t know how to get it back on track? On the outside, you seem…

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Curiosity Killed The Grey Cat

If you’re living in America, you’ve probably been sideswiped with the sexy Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.  Maybe it’s been during the SuperBowl or during your favorite television show, or potentially playing on the…

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The Greatest Sound In The World: LIFE

I was 99% certain that when my doctor did her ultrasound today, we were going to hear the heartbeat of my baby. But the 20 seconds leading up to the…

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The Night I Thought I Lost My Baby

When you meet with doctors, nurses, midwives and doulas about an upcoming pregnancy, the topics lean towards pleasant things—like hearing baby’s heartbeat, seeing the little one kicking and squirming inside, and keeping yourself healthy while…

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Are You Too Hard On Yourself, Like I Am Sometimes?

Today, a miracle happened. I actually put on mascara. And while this small task would seem to be described as anything but a miracle, for this particular girl who has…

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The Fingerprints of Redemption: My Pregnancy

I could barely sleep. Excitement and anticipation about Gold Monarch Healing Center opening its door for the first time the next morning on December 11 had me up all night going…

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Want To Know Why I’m Still Living With My Parents?

Yesterday as I sat in the stunningly enormous kitchen of the Gold Monarch Healing Center in front of a roaring fire with my son Moses and niece Caroline Grace, I should…

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