Having a bad day? Well, here’s what I do when the ‘Black Monday’s’ come.

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Christa Black featured on!

“Though Black claims she’ll always be a Texan at heart, after one spin through her newly released album, you’d never guess that this gal wasn’t 100% authentic Cali.  Her light…

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God Loves Ugly now available on!

Hey Amazon fans!  God Loves Ugly is now available at your favorite online store!   And for you Kindle, iPad, Nook readers, the Ebook will be up in a week.

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Welcome to the new!

Check out Christa’s book, the music that goes with each chapter, and her popular blog where it all began, right here on this site! Tour dates and speaking events are being…

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Last night, Studhubs and I got invited to a pre-screening of Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” 3D movie.

I tweeted about it, thinking very little of the words I had just sent out into the world wide web—until my @reply box almost blew up in about a minute….

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Ever wonder the story behind the song? Well, here’s the story behind “I’m Still Here.”

  I’m Still Here The storm, the wind, the rain have met me once again And interrupted blue The sky turned grey, turned cold, turned winter once again And interrupted…

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Australian in Paris, Georgie Carroll asked me a few questions…

& of course, I had a few answers.   On God, Sex, And touring with the Jonas Brothers. (photo by xx, Christa

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Lies, Lies, Lies.

We all believe lies.  It’s impossible not to.   And by definition, the word ‘deceived’ means…you don’t know when you actually are. When I was a little girl, America was…

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How many precious moments of my journey have I missed while out in search of a future destination?

Hey friends. The holidays are over and the sweets have been devoured.  Football games were watched, fires have been burned, naps were taken for no reason at all….and so far,…

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How we love ourselves will determine how we love others.

I apologize for my absence from blogland the last few days.  The lazy nature of the holiday season has hit me, and for some reason, all I want to do…

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“Bitterness is easy. Forgiveness is anything but.”

Sunshine comes in many, many forms.   It could be the heat of the hot, summer rays dancing against your skin.  It could be the first deep laugh after a…

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Some say “You are what you eat,” but even more so, “You are what you THINK.”

Libby’s Chapter 6 depiction perfectly illustrates the pages it accompanies.   This chapter goes in depth about my eating disorder—the one I lived with (day in and day out) for…

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“God Loves Ugly…He doesn’t see the way I see…

God takes ugly and turns it into something that is beautiful… Apparently, I’m beautiful…….’cause you love me.” This one is definitely a favorite illustration by @libbygee.  (however….I say that about…

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On the 4th day of Book Artwork…

There’s Always A Reason. How many times have you come across someone who absolutely drives you bonkers? They might flirt shamelessly, laugh annoyingly, or banter on about themselves like a…

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On the 3rd day of artwork….

@libbygee made for me…. A reason not to let Black Monday’s get me down. (: I absolutely adore Libby’s depiction of this chapter. The storms are raging outside, but inside…

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“I had planned to end my life, but chose to give it one last shot and signed up for the Master Heart Course. I finally found what I was looking for. My life has changed in ways I could never could put into words, being healed far beyond what I could imagine. I have a long way to go, but this course literally saved my life..”

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