The Bad Fruit Of Perfectionism

One ordinary night while folding laundry with my husband, the man I call “Studhub” stopped folding a t-shirt long enough to look at me and say, “Christa, perfectionism is the fruit…

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Is It Possible To Fast From Frustration? Forever?

Last Thursday, our driver to take us from our hotel to the Detroit airport was nowhere to be found. But some guy kept walking up, repeatedly asking if we had…

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Is Your Love Conditional?

“Hey Angels, you suck!”  The Detroit Tigers baseball fan leaned over the metal bar separating him from the lush green of the brightly lit field, his jeers hurled like stones…

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Rethinking Our 8 Hour Work Days – The Buffer Blog

If you’re anything like me, you need as much help as you can get finding ways to be more productive.  After applying 90-minute interval bursts of creativity for just one…

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If You Are In Christ, Then So Are ALL Of Your Circumstances

“If you are in Christ, then so are all your circumstances.”   –Graham Cooke That sentence right there is enough to make your head explode.  You’re in Christ.  So that…

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People You Should Know: Jonas Myrin

If you live in the States, you probably love him but might not know it.  And if you live in the UK, Germany, or Sweden, at some point you’ve probably…

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Have You Lost Your WOW Factor?

When’s the last time you saw a kitten and found it incredible?  How about the wonder of a ruby red strawberry?  This is a a normal occurrence for my son…

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Is Anyone Really A Virgin Anymore?

If they made a spin-off of the movie Wedding Crashers called Wedding Criers, I’d be your star. The second the guy gets a glimpse of his future bride for the…

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Starbucks Has A New Name. And A New Fan.

[youtube width=”657″ height=”369″][/youtube]  

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People You Should Know. Johnnyswim

You should know our neighbors. [youtube width=”657″ height=”369″][/youtube] And not just because they’re our neighbors.  They’re some of the most talented people I’ve ever met.  And kind.  And hilarious.  And…

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Nuns Love Me, What Can I Say

Two nuns walk into a ballroom. I know, I know.  It sounds like I’m starting a cheesy ‘dad-joke,’ but I’m really just letting you what happened yesterday while speaking at…

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Studhubs Should Be Legally Blind. But He’s Not.

Studhubs has been known to be as blind as a bat. Not like, “I need to put on my glasses to see,” blind, but more like, “even when I have…

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Christa Sits Down With Randy Robison From Life Today

[youtube width=”657″ height=”369″][/youtube]   Watch as Christa talks with Randy Robison from Life Today!

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Newborn Rescued From A Drainage Pipe In China

My little Moses is sleeping in the next room, and I can hardly wait until he wakes up so I can just hold him again.  And somewhere in China this…

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Confessions Of A Cannibal: I Ate My Placenta

Now, before you start gagging like I did the first time I heard about this, hear me out. I was pregnant with my son Moses and sitting in a childbirth…

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Why ‘Loving God and Loving People’ Doesn’t Work

This weekend, I had the unfortunate experience of throwing up in my mouth a little bit after my phone buzzed with a text from a good friend: Friend:  “I turned…

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We’ve Already Raised $448 In One Week!

Thank you so much to everyone that donated, but I know there are so many more of you who have a heart for this! If we don’t End It….who will?…

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10 Things I Said I’d Never Do As A Parent

Parents, I owe you an apology. For years I judged your ways as a childless onlooker, gasping with phrases running through my head like, “Oh my gosh, when I have…

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“I had planned to end my life, but chose to give it one last shot and signed up for the Master Heart Course. I finally found what I was looking for. My life has changed in ways I could never could put into words, being healed far beyond what I could imagine. I have a long way to go, but this course literally saved my life..”

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